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Motovated Design & Analysis provide mechanical design engineering and analysis services to large and small businesses around the globe.

We are specialists in machine design and product development. Our passion is embedding virtual prototyping and analysis into the design process right from the outset: we can help you design your product right first time; test your product before “cutting steel”; and create life-like renderings of your product before it even hits manufacturing.

Our services are focused on reducing your design and material costs, eliminating rework, alleviating risk, increasing productivity, and improving the functionality and durability of your products.

It is our mission to take the stress out of engineering your vision!

Latest News

Wheel Analysis
16 October 2015 - Motovated's October 2015 Newsletter
In this issue we have an update on some of the guest lectures and seminars the team have helped with, you can register for the next CANSWUG Factory Tour, and we have a Tip & Trick on thick plate bending. We also have a Client Spotlight and testimonial for a recent wheel analysis. Enjoy the read!
Rapid Prototyped Hand
28 August 2015 - Motovated's August 2015 Newsletter
In this issue "How-To's" of Rapid Prototyping in this months Tip & Trick. Enjoy the read!

Upcoming Events

Davin Industries
Canterbury Solid Works Users Group (CANSWUG) and Factory Tour
- Christchurch 27th October 2015, 5:30 - 7:30 PM
Come join us as we take a tour through Davin Industries, as well as glean some more Solid Works CAD tips! >>Register here

GTech Bellmor
Upcoming factor tour in November - Christchurch 27th November 2015
Pencil in a tour through G-Tech Bellmor in November, more details to come...

Engineering Your Vision

KiwiRail Bogie Explosion-proof Engine Klima Cane Pruner Designline Bus KiwiRail Axle Box Glass Screening Trommel 60T Pedestal Crane Bulk Tanker

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We had already asked another firm for validation of our concept, so by the time Motovated got involved we were already a bit behind. They jumped right in however and we had confirmation of our design within a couple of days. They really understood our needs and delivered in a timely manner. They provide a personalised service and are good value for money, we'd use them again!

- Bevan Whiting, Pandect Mobility Solutions.

Engineering (ĕn´je-nîr´ĭng) n.

  1. The application of math and
    physics to problem solving.
  2. The design and construction
    of complex structures.