Client Testimonials

Martin Aircraft Company is a global leader enabling disruptive technology in a complex and highly regulated sector. We seek engineers who have an unique mix of creative mechanical design and engineering rigor knowledge. By utilising Motovated Design & Analysis engineers we are able to guarantee such a skill set.

Currently we have up to five Motovated engineers working on-site as part of our engineering team undertaking design, FEA and CFD work. They have quickly gained considerable product knowledge and taken responsibility for key systems in the new aircraft development program. Their can-do attitude is infectious and ability to deliver in a very complex design environment, impressive. Their ability to quickly integrate with our permanent team is a true testament to their professionalism.

Partnering with Motovated enables us to reduce risk, achieve deadlines and ensure our aircraft will be robust, optimised and meet stringent aerospace requirements.


Peter Coker, CEO of Martin Jetpack

Greg Morehouse, Managing Director

Motovated Design & Analysis

P: +64 3 382 5282

Motovated’s Mission is to harness the synergy between design and analysis, and we do this with boundless enthusiasm! We provide clients with better products, quicker time to market and significantly reduced risk


One of the key ways our clients can achieve this is to bring service providers in-house where necessary, and off-load where possible. Some of the advantages of off-loading are the elimination of distractions, and the ability to utilise firms focussed on best practice implementation of specialist technologies.


Motovated specialises in Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) technologies, and has implemented best practice use of all of our technologies, included 3D (associative) CAD, MathCAD and Finite Element Analysis (FEA) solutions. Effective implementations of these tools require rigour and training to get the best results; and we add that value to our clients every day!