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Motovated Design & Analysis provide mechanical design engineering and analysis services to large and small businesses around the globe.

We are specialists in machine design and product development. Our passion is embedding virtual prototyping and analysis into the design process right from the outset: we can help you design your product right first time; test your product before “cutting steel”; and create life-like renderings of your product before it even hits manufacturing.

Our services are focused on reducing your design and material costs, eliminating rework, alleviating risk, increasing productivity, and improving the functionality and durability of your products.

It is our mission to take the stress out of engineering your vision!

Latest News

Southmach show
07 Aug 2015 - SouthMach was awesome!
We were amazed once again at the innovation happening throughout the engineering, manufacturing and electronics industries, which was very encouraging to see. It was also really fun having the Martin Jetpack on our stand - it was modelled in SolidWorks, and our engineers did some of the analysis work in FEMAP. We are still catching up with everyone we talked to, so please give us a call on 03 982 5283 directly if you have something urgent we can help with!
Rapid Prototyped Hand
22 June 2015 - Motovated's June 2015 Newsletter
In this issue you can find info on the upcoming Factory Tour at the Christchurch Engine Centre, SouthMach 2015, and an Industry Spotlight on what our CAD Suppliers are up to. Also get some "How-To's" of Rapid Prototyping in this months Tip & Trick. Enjoy the read!

Upcoming Events

Christchurch Engine Centre
Christchurch Engine Centre Factory Tour - Christchurch 25th June 2015, 5:30 - 7:30 PM
This event has been so popular we are already out of spaces! Keep an eye out for the next one coming up in July...

SouthMach 2015 - Christchurch 22-23 July 2015
Did you know...62% of visitors are middle managers or above? Meet the decision makers face to face at Southmach. Looking forward to seeing you there!

Engineering Your Vision

KiwiRail Bogie Explosion-proof Engine Klima Cane Pruner Designline Bus KiwiRail Axle Box Glass Screening Trommel 60T Pedestal Crane Bulk Tanker

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Having confidence we won't have to rework our moulds after manufacture to get the part we wanted, lets us control costs and timelines better.

- Brent Rasmussen, Skellerup Industries

Engineering (ĕn´je-nîr´ĭng) n.

  1. The application of math and
    physics to problem solving.
  2. The design and construction
    of complex structures.