Do you need to design an engine for a specific application?

Do you require the experience and tools to analyse  complex motions, stresses or thermal effects?

Let the expert mechanical engineers at Motovated  use efficient design processes, tools and expert  engineering knowledge to engineer your vision!

Engines can be extremely complex machines, however, Motovated has the tools and the know how to give you the solution you are after.


- Virtual Prototyping - 3D CAD is an outstanding tool for engine design - minimising interference errors, design time, manufacturing and testing costs;


- Function Analysis - Once again, 3D CAD can be a huge benefit in analysing motion of an engine while being much cheaper than physically prototyping;


- Thermal Analysis - Thermal expansion and engine cooling systems are extremely important considerations in the design of a robust and reliable engine;


- Vibration Analysis - Smooth running engines are more reliable, efficient and enjoyable to use! Motovated's engineers have the software, literature and know how to make your engine to run smoothly.


- Experience - The complexities of an engine can only be realised through time and experience designing or working on them. Motovated's engineers have practical experience that allows them to design for aspects that pure analysts may not even consider.


For a large, complex projects such as engine development, 3D modelling and function analysis really comes into its own. Tight running clearances, accurate masses of parts, inertia calculations, stress analysis, casting, machining and assembly drawings can all be provided.


Here are a few engine design projects Motovated has been involved in:
Axial motor
Light-weight aircraft engine
Explosion-proof engine


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