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20 years of Motovated - Woo Hoo!
Motovated 3.0 is well and kicking...

Many of you know my back story, that my wife had always said I was a tough employee, always thinking engineering could be done better. When we had the opportunity to adopt a wonderful wee lad, my boss wouldn’t give me the time off, so we chose to put our pay check where my mouth was! Those first years of consulting were challenging but fun, and I may talk about them more in a later blog on Motovated 1.0. But one thing I love is that my son is always one month older than Motovated, and so when we celebrate his birthday and I get to thank my lucky stars for having him, I also get to thank him for Motovated.

But we’re well into Motovated 3.0 now. I’d just like to reflect on some of the people, employees and clients that have made Motovated 3.0 what it is.

People like John Hamilton, who helped us though Hi Tech Launch, and later to get an advisory board and leadership training through CDC and ChristchurchNZ. Rob Lawrence of CECC who keeps finding money for our clients from Callaghan Innovation and Lynn Bray from OutOnaLym Consulting who trained our whole leadership team, and many more.

Clients like Nigel George who keeps coming back with innovative changes to his revolutionary Klima Grape Vine PrunerJohn Wilks of ZIP (Zero Invasive Predators) and Russell Cockburn of Vestner, who took a chance on us and have allowed us to join them on their amazing journeys of product upgrades and innovation.

Employees like Leon Daly, Bevan Hoyt and Sara Trow who’ve been with Motovated more than 11 of those 20 years, expanding and refining what we do and why we do it. People like Stuart Jackson, Josh Benck, David Nitsche, Daniel Paris, Carlos Alonso, Stuart Macdonald, Jhan Vernon and Adarsh Joseph; the new guard of Motovated who are challenging us to step up once again. Motovated has been involved in many cool products, from Feller Delimbers and Level Swing Units to Train Bogies and Jet Packs, we’ve engineered it all. But it’s the people I remember, the great times when everything went as planned, and the more challenging times when our partnerships were tested, but found to be firm and connected.

I’d love to say more about Motovated 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0. And someday I might! But right now I just want to say what an amazing journey it’s been, and thank you to all that have joined us and enabled Motovated to create phenomenal engineering with people we respect every day. Here’s to another 20 years as NZ’s leading simulation driven product development and machine design firm.

Greg Morehouse

CEO- Senior Engineering Analyst

Greg started engineering by keeping the motorcycles and snowmobiles he raced in Alaska running.  He expanded that knowledge with VW & Audi as a mechanic and later with Boeing & Hercules Aerospace as an Engineering Analyst. With more than had 40+ years of real world design and analysis experience, Greg started Motovated with a mission to “Cost-effectively engineer our Client’s Vision, through advanced techniques, superior tools and boundless enthusiasm!"