Our Team

Greg Morehouse
Managing Director
Leon Daly
General Manager
Sara Trow
Project Engineer
Bevan Hoyt
Senior Project Engineer
Stuart Jackson
Project Engineer
Joshua Benck
Project Engineer
Daniel Paris
Product Development Manager
Stewart Macdonald
Project Engineer
Carlos Alonso
Product Design Engineer
Jhan Vernon
Mechanical Engineer

About us

Passionate mechanical engineering expertise

We are a growing mechanical design engineering and analysis services company in Christchurch, New Zealand. Our team of passionate engineers has been carefully selected for both their hands-on experience and their professional qualifications.


Greg set up Motovated in 1999 with a vision to “cost effectively engineer our client’s vision!" through the use of advanced techniques, superior tools, and boundless enthusiasm!

Working for VW & Audi as a mechanic and with Boeing & Hercules Aerospace as an Engineering Analyst had provided Greg with 20+ years of real world design and analysis experience. It had also highlighted the need for a cost effective mechanical design service with an emphasis on analysis. As a private pilot Greg knew that design without analysis was like pilots without instruments; they can fly, but they might not know exactly where they are!

Greg is a world-class analyst and provides training and advanced technical support to some of the FEA resellers in New Zealand.

Greg Morehouse, CEO - Senior Engineering Analyst