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Greg Morehouse, Canterbury University
Greg Morehouse Lecturing at Canterbury University on FEA Boundary Conditions.

Dr. Mathieu Sellier has once again requested a couple of guest lectures from Greg Morehouse, our MD and Principal Analyst.  The course is Computational Mechanics (ENME302), and the lectures will be held at Canterbury University.  The 1st topic will be on Real World Boundary Conditions (BCs, Restraints, or Fixtures) in Finite Element Analysis (FEA). FEA is an example of Computational Solid Mechanics, and Boundary Conditions are one of the most difficult and misused features in FEA.  The second lecture will be on singularities, one of the most difficult and miss understood phenomenon in FEA.

Motovated engineers are experts at virtual prototyping (or simulations) software’s like FEA.  So guest lecturing for Canterbury University gives us the opportunity to add some significant real-world perspectives on these challenging software packages.  Our focus on the basics, and really verifying that the pretty images the software’s produce replicate the real-world physics, allow us to add significantly to the theory presented in Computational Mechanics courses.

Greg love’s doing these courses as he not only gets to help them with the theory but is also able to let these budding engineers know what it is like out in the real world.  There is always lots of discussions.  Good fun for all!

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