Skellerup 3500 Litre Tank

Skellerup Rotomould approached Motovated Design and Analysis Ltd to aid in the design of a multipurpose 3500-litre water/septic tank.

Four Seasons Molasses Lick

Cattle feed company 4 Seasons Molasses approached Skellerup Rotomould to develop and manufacture their concept for a new molasses lick. Molasses is used to supplement the diet of cattle to improve digestion and as an additional source of nutrients.

Seafury SF18 Surface Piercing Drive Unit

Seafury International Ltd produces a range of surface piercing drives and propellers for the marine industry, and have been involved in some extensive development of their drive units.

Nimrod 6-8T Tilt Hitch

The development of a 6-8 tonne tilt hitch scaled from a 12 tonne model was experiencing problems and Motovated were employed to develop alternate solutions using advanced 3D solid modelling.

Nimrod 20T Quick Hitch

Nimrod Engineering Ltd approached Motovated to design a new 20T quick hitch to reduce the time and cost of fabrication and avoid complex plate bending.

SCS Ripper Gearbox Design Case Study

Screening and Crushing Systems (SCS) approached Motovated Design & Analysis to help in the expansion and development of their Vertical Shaft Cutter (VSC) Ripper line.

Steelbro Sidelifter Case Study

Steelbro approached Motovated with the challenge to create a new sidelifter design that would expand their catalogue by offering a ‘bridge-leg’ solution.

Bus Designs for DesignLine Case Study

Motovated were able to reverse engineer existing buses, using legacy 2D CAD data to generate complete 3D models of entire buues. These 3D models could then be more quickly adapted to create multiple configurations based on the customers’ needs.

P11 Bogie Design & Analysis for KiwiRail

Late in 2009 KiwiRail commissioned Motovated to engineer a bogie in support of their new Tranz Scenic rail cars. These rail cars were due to be delivered in early 2011 and were to be a significant step forward in terms of ride quality for KiwiRail.