Join us at Christchurch Aerospace Meetup #3

Aerospace geeks! Get your wingsuits ready!

It's time for the third edition of the Christchurch Aerospace Meetup. This time around, the organisers have upped the game by roping in three experts from the aerospace community, our own Greg Morehouse of Motovated Design & Analysis, Glenn Martin, the inventor of the Jetpack and Roland Sommer of TE Connectivity. You can find the tickets here!

The meetup is organised by the Christchurch Aerospace Center, in a mission to promote the interests of the Christchurch and Canterbury aerospace community. It provides a unique opportunity to aerospace enthusiasts to share their vision and network with other ambitious patrons at the forefront of research.

Source: Boeing

This edition of the aerospace meetup is a bit extra special for us, as our CEO Greg Morehouse has been invited to share his experience working with major players such as Boeing Commercial and Hercules Aerospace, as well as other prominent aerospace projects Motovated has been a part of within NZ. Motovated has long been a part of an aerospace revolution in New Zealand, and it will be rewarding to share our knowledge and experience.

The meetup also hosts two interesting individuals in Glenn Martin and Roland Sommer. Martin will be sharing "The Jetpack Story" about how a Kiwi garage invention created a frenzy on the front page of the NY Times, while Sommer will shed light on recent progress in hardware development and manufacture.

So mark your dates! We'll see you on the 31st of October, between 5 to 8 pm, at GreenHouse in Lichfield Street.View map