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Congratulations KiwiRail!
15 million bogie kms and counting, with no cracks!
Another Motovated Engineered product.

KiwiRail AK Carriages with P11 Bogies

Kiwirail AK Carriages with P11 Bogies - Courtesy of Barnacle Design

After nearly 7 years of demanding service and averaging around 600,00 kilometres of each, the KiwiRail P11 Passenger Bogies have been stripped down and inspected for damage, such as cracks etc. These were the first air sprung passenger bogies developed and manufactured in NZ. The fact no cracks were found is a huge testament not only to the rigour of Motovated’s engineering design and simulation, but also to the high quality of NZ manufacture by Hillside Engineering and others. Especially since some of the bogies had done in excess of 1 million kilometres!

So how do you design machines that are truly robust? Over the decades we’ve made this our study; we’ve learnt from the best as well as developed our own proprietary methods such as our Better by Analysis® framework for effective engineering simulation. The real secret on a project this big however, is collaboration. In NZ, we see that companies are frequently challenged to compete on large multidisciplinary projects on their own. By pooling our expertise however, NZ companies can more than compete on the world stage.

Congratulations KiwiRail for taking the risk, and involving New Zealand firms in creating a world class rail experience! 

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Read the KiwiRail P11 Bogie Case Study Here,

“KiwiRail chose Motovated to assist in the design of a new railway passenger bogie. The team are highly-skilled, innovative and practical engineers. They worked through many iterations, continually having to accommodate external and unexpected constraints and boundary conditions.

The company is NZ-owned, and it has a definite ethic to support local industry. They have shown without doubt that they were the right choice. Great value!”

- Allan Cannell, Project Manager, KiwiRail Mechanical Design Group