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Container Tipper/Bulk Loader


Bedrock Trading Ltd (NZExpress prior to 2005) is a Christchurch based freight distribution company, covering shipping, rail, road transport and warehousing. Motovated Design & Analysis was approached to help in the development of an innovative idea for loading grain and bulk products into containers. The design specifications to be met were:

  • Meet on road transport standards for size and weight
  • Incorporate a weigh bridge using load cells
  • Self sufficient operation
  • Allow access to container door when vertical
  • One hour container fill cycle

The Solution:

The Container Bulk Loader (Figure 1) allows a standard 20 foot container to be stood vertically, and grain to be fed from the hopper into the container by the conveyor. The weigh bridge measures when the desired transport load is reached, and filling is stopped. Design features were added to allow the loader to be collapsed and loaded onto a truck for transport (Figure 2). Key features include:

  • Single person operation, moving over 23 tonnes of grain in half an hour
  • The generator, power pack and load cells are housed on board the main base, allowing independent on site operation
  • A simple hydraulic lever system to open and close the container doors
  • Strength verification of the design using Finite Element Analysis (FEA)
  • Optimal location and size of the tipping hydraulic cylinders

The Result

The loader is entirely multi-functional, and may be used with a variety of filling methods, from silo tubulators and augers to direct filling from a truck or bucket loader. The weigh bridge removes guess work and ensures that over-weight pay loads are no longer a worry. With a gross turnover of $60k/month, the initial investment in design and fabrication will be exceeded many times over. MD&A provided:

- Profile, weldment and assembly drawings for manufacture

- Specifications for electrical and mechanical control features for the correct and safe operation of the equipment

- On-site reviews and technical assistance

For more information about this product, contact:
Richard Riley, Bedrock Trading
Ph: (03) 983 5801

Motovated designed container bulk loader

Figure 1. Container Bulk Loader, upright

Motovated designed container bulk loader

Figure 2. Container Bulk Loader,
collapsed ready for transport