Do you want that design in your hands ASAP?

Is money the main barrier to your product's development? 

Are you sure you are investing resources correctly?

Is time-to-market critical for your product or idea?

Do you need a fast and economic way to gain investors?

Cost Effective Design Sample
Cost Effective Design Illustration
Cost Effective Design Model

Time means money, and in Product Development both are critical. The time it takes for your product to get to the market translates into money that you are loosing.

At Motovated we identify the critical development activities required to establish a successful product in the market and we tailor them to your resources thanks to our Agile Development Process.


When time-to-market is a critical factor, we optimize the development activities to be able to deliver a Minimum Viable Product in the shortest possible time frame.


Advanced analysis results provide invaluable knowledge for designers. Motovated's analysts have developed a set of cost effective analysis tools.


To save time and materials we design a flexible platform for your product. This speeds design  and decrease  manufacturing costs.


Our developers' expertise in Additive Manufacturing and other rapid prototyping tools will be valuable to make your product a reality in a short time frame.


  • High flexibility on development activities
  • Optimized design resources during
  • Decreased risks around your product
  • Increased speed of your product development 
  • High ROI in a short time
  • Low-cost analysts knowledge
  • Quick and economic way to impress investors


Agile Product Development: Take advantage of our agile process to reduce your time-to-market and avoid costly loop backs.

  • Minimum Viable Product: Focus on making a product that the user can interact with and provide invaluable feedback. Do not focus on optimizing it yet!
  • Minimum Marketable Product: Focus on making a product that can be released to the market with a good acceptance. Do not focus on optimizing it yet!
  • Modular design: Design of a robust platform that can integrate several modules by increasing flexibility to speed up the development process.
  • Better By Analysis®Motovated has developed a set of Agile Analysis Methods to avoid the high costs and time required for conventional analysis.
  • Minimum Viable Simulation®: Optimized computation to obtain reliable simulation results.
  • Parameters Sensitivity Analysis: Compare concepts or optimize geometries of your design.

Rapid Prototyping: Be able to show or test your product in a short time. We can provide you different solutions depending on your needs.

  • Shape and Form mock-ups: Take advantage of Rapid Prototyping tools to validate aesthetics, ergonomics and users market acceptance.
  • Functional Prototype: Take advantage of Rapid Prototyping tools validate that the mechanics and electronics of your product will work.
  • Digital Prototypes: Marketing renders and animations, patent sketches...

Design For Manufacturing: Our developers expertise in manufacturing processes and our partnership with local manufacturers  guarantee that our designs are focused on rendering cost.