Do you want to increase productivity?

Are you ready for the next industrial revolution?

Do you want to make profit out of emerging technologies?

Do you want to become an industry pioneer?

Do you want to be ahead of your competitors in your R&D activities?

Do you need to update your traditional engineering practices?

A proper understanding of emerging technologies is important to unleash the maximum potential of your product.

Start your transition to Industry 4.0. Do not let yourself get behind the curve, take the commercial advantage presented by new technologies.


Our developers bring together years of expertise in Automation Systems Design with a broad knowledge on different ranges of tools, sensors and robotic design.


Additive manufacturing provides a wide variety of benefits for different development stages. We work closely with world-class manufacturers to build new knowledge and guarantee the best quality.


Our team has great expertise in smart products design by addressing critical requirements to make a product successfully integrated into IoT networks.


Take advantage of the opportunities Generative Desgin Provides to make your product stand out from your competitors in terms of design, quality and performance.


  • Benefit from the profitability new technologies provide
  • Take advantage of the new technologies to increase productivity.
  • Take advantage of the wide range of opportunities provided by additive manufacturing
  • Ensure a successful transition to the Industry 4.0 revolution
  • Increase profitability and reduce time-to-market


Additive Manufacturing Design: Additive Manufacturing can add value to a product, either for prototyping, testing or for final production. Motovated focuses on maximising that value by putting together our expert engineer’s knowledge with our partner manufacturers’ expertise.

  • Process Selection: Depending on your product requirements our designers will help you deciding the process that best suits your product at its given stage.
  • Optimised Design for Additive Manufacturing: Our designers focus on optimising designs to specific Additive Manufacturing Processes.
  • Service Providers: We work closely with expert Additive Manufacturers to provide you the best value for money service with fast response to reduce time-to-market.

Automation Design: When an automation line is required our designers will help you regardless of the size of the number of elements to be designed.

  • Production Lines: Motovated’s expert engineers and our partner experts in Automation Manufacturing can help you designing from a single step production line to complex multi-sequence plants. 
  • Customised tools: Putting together our engineer’s expertise on tooling design and our product developers will guarantee a robust tool with customised functionality.
  • Robot features/Components: Our developers collaborate with expert electronics companies to designing and optimise robots and robotic components.

Internet of Things (IoT) Design: Any component designed to be integrated into IoT networks has a set of specific requirements and opportunities common products do not. At Motovated we know what is important to ensure smooth integration and functionality.

  • Smart Products Design: Our designers have expertise designing products integrated into IoT networks and to perform without human interaction. Assuring reliability is a complex task but at Motovated we know how to address it.
  • Service Providers: Our Developers work closely with expert Internet of Things (IoT) companies, we will manage your product’s IoT implementation by engaging with world-class IoT service providers to guarantee a great value-for-money service.

Generative Design: Generative Design is very useful to make your product stand out from your competitors in terms of design, quality and performance. Our expert designers will take advantage of these Generative Design tools:

  • Topology study: Computational optimised shapes focused on specified constrains, such as, forces, displacements, contact surfaces…
  • Internal Lattice Optimisation: For expensive Additive Manufactured parts, lattice optimisation reduces the amount of material used to fill the required shape of your parts without compromising its performance.
  • Weight optimisation: When designing parts whose weight is a critical factor Motovated take advantage of our Designer’s expertise on Generative Design and the expert FEA Analysts to provide the most lightweight and robust parts you need.

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