A huge part of the Motovated’s value add is making sure that the part or machine is cost-effective to manufacture, and easy to accurately assemble and maintain. Weldments especially can be costly to produce if the profiles aren’t accurate or if the parts need careful alignment.

Self jigging designs are a speciality at Motovated, but if that isn’t sufficient modelling your part in 3D enables the development of jigs and fixtures which will provide consistent runs during production (see Jig & Fixture Design).


For large production runs, especially for cast or injection moulded parts where shot size is critical, analysis can really help in optimising your design, removing unnecessary material and reducing your overall product cost.

In one example we halved a client’s assembly costs after analysis and redesign of their machine. This alone paid for the redesign in one year’s production. We did this through 3D modelling of their weldments, enabling true flat pattern development for profiling, detail drawings for plate bending, and accurate exploded views & material lists and drawings for assembly.

Case Studies

Skellerup Rotomould approached Motovated Design and Analysis Ltd to aid in the design of a multipurpose 3500-litre water/septic tank.

Cattle feed company 4 Seasons Molasses approached Skellerup Rotomould to develop and manufacture their concept for a new molasses lick. Molasses is used to supplement the diet of cattle to improve digestion and as an additional source of nutrients.

Seafury International Ltd produces a range of surface piercing drives and propellers for the marine industry, and have been involved in some extensive development of their drive units.

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