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Need a 3D Printer or some Laser Cutting to finish a project?
Get FAB LAB CHCH, Fabriko or a MakerCrate to help!

  • ​Do you have a project you’re keen on finishing, but just need some 3D Printed parts or some Laser Cutting?
  • Or maybe you’re developing an Arduino digital device and could use an electrical bench for some bread board work?
  • Have you ever heard of a FAB LAB?
  • Did you know you can make parts yourself at FAB LABs, and we have a good one right here in Christchurch?

I didn’t until last year! Now Motovated’s engineers tidy up a lot of prototypes through the use of the facilities and expertise available at the FAB LAB CHCH.

FAB LAB Christchurch

FAB LAB CHCH is located on the Ara Campus in downtown Christchurch

Carl Pavletich runs the local FAB LAB CHCH. Motovated engineers work with him often, and I had the opportunity to get to understand what drives him and what other things he is up to. Carl has a passion for Human Centred Design. In the Maker Movement he found some similarities with NZ Education's shift towards Open Plan and project based learning. He developed Fabriko to design projects with citizen’s participation at the core. Fabriko exists to provide access to emerging digital tools and innovative thinking. The Fab Lab and VR/AR Lab inspire New School Thinking and hands on discovery. Fabriko offer a range of bespoke discovery workshops that explore the implications of new technologies, whether its inside a business or a classroom. Their professional development workshops are designed with you, to get the outcomes you want. It’s amazing what he’s created right here in Canterbury. One of the things Carl is currently interested in is latent opportunity emerging to leverage Christchurch's close proximity to Antarctica for extreme environment test technology and communications for space operations.

Carl in FAB LAB CHCH Office


For example, the Fab Lab CHCH’s Thursday FAB Workshops include Laser Cutting, 3D Printing and Soldering Club training. These workshops are designed to develop competence in a particular Fab Lab skill. After completing a workshop you will be able to attend an Open Day and use the the machines or equipment yourself at the DIY rate.

One of the very interesting things they developed was the MakerCrate. This is a portable Fab Lab designed and fabricated by Wellington's CoLab Makerspace. It became Fabriko's primary venue in post-earthquake Christchurch. The MakerCrate quickly became a magnet for makers in the community as well as a showcase of new technology and new ways of thinking. The mobile makerspace was transported to a number of events including TEDx Christchurch, the Festival of Education. It can be used by schools etc. and has now been freighted to its new home in Masterton to help them activate their maker community.

Carl Pavletich​​​, Fabriko and the FAB LAB CHCH are amazing resources right here on our doorsteps. If you have a cool project you’ve been working on and need a hand to get the prototypes made, or just want to get involved with the local Maker Community, I suggest you give Carl a call!

Greg Morehouse


Greg started his engineering career keeping the motorcycles and snowmobiles he raced running.  He expanded that knowledge for VW & Audi as a mechanic and later joined Boeing & Hercules Aerospace as an Engineering Analyst. With more than had 40+ years of real world design and analysis experience, Greg started Motovated in a mission to “Cost-effectively Engineer our Client’s Vision, through advanced techniques, superior tools and boundless enthusiasm!"