Himalayan Summit Challenge With Jhan

Image courtesy of Endeavour Media & Photographics (

As if it’s not silly enough to try to climb the equivalent of Mount Everest in a month, Jhan Vernon, one of Motovated’s engineers, has decided to try to do it in a day!  In his own words:

I've decided to do something really stupid, and I wouldn't mind your help. I'm going to try to complete a month-long fundraising climbing challenge in the first day. In which I climb the equivalent of Mt Everest on a bike. I've got the whole of March to do it, but I'm hoping to have it down by nightfall on March the 1st. I may crash and burn. It'll probably be entertaining for everyone but me. But it's worth a go! A token donation would be significantly motivating, and you'd be helping a good cause:

Please contribute to Jhan’s effort, just to put a bit more pressure on him!