How to reduce the risk of your part cracking by a factor of 10

A "Better by Analysis®" approach
Presented by Leon Daly at the National Maintenance Engineers Conference (NMEC 2018)

The use of simulation technologies such as FEA to optimise component life, both during design and to rectify problems, is well established. Whether the analyst is an external consultant or direct hire, implementing a cost effective analysis approach that truly drives business results remains a challenge for a lot of NZ companies.

In the first part of the presentation, Leon shared insights and examples from direct experience leading analysis teams on how to dramatically increase both the quality and quantity of simulation output using a “Better by Analysis®” approach. This methodology applies the rapid, self-correcting “Agile” and “Lean Product and Process Development” concepts to rigorous mechanical engineering analysis.

How to reduce the risk of your part cracking

Secondly, Leon shared some insights into what affects the fatigue life of components and will demonstrate how simple changes can have a dramatic influence on product life.  The content of this presentation will covered some fatigue basics as well as some more advanced topics which are of value.  

Finally, a short case study of the P11 KiwiRail passenger bogies was be presented. These were the first production passenger bogies designed in NZ, and most have now reached over 1 million kilometres of reliable, safe travel in very challenging conditions. This project demonstrates both aspects of the Better by Analysis® approach as well as some of the fatigue optimisation concepts covered.

If you'd like to know more about the examples, and what was actually said, give Leon a call or email today!

Motovated's Leon Daly

Leon Daly

General Manager

Having worked at Motovated for 11 years, Leon has
developed a solid understanding of successful product
development strategies. Leon piloted projects across
diverse sectors such as aerospace, transport,
agriculture, structures and fast moving consumer goods,
he holds a view that simulation and testing provide some
of the most valuable IP there is: deep product