SB362 Stabiliser Leg Design

For assembly work, welding, fabrication, over-hauling or machine maintenance, we can help you develop tooling and fixtures to reduce your production costs and improve the quality of your products.

Jigs are useful in production engineering to keep processes simple and reduce time and cost associated with setting up for each process. The talented engineers at Motovated have a wealth of experience at designing equipment to improve the processes in manufacturing or maintaining your product.

Examples such as the adjustable conveyor frame jig were developed to fit a variety of sizes and configurations of conveyor to get the most usage out of a single jig. This allowed the client to produce their entire product range of conveyor frames using just the one jig.

Motovated has also designed a number of jigs and fixtures for use in the aviation industry. For example the P3 Engine Transport Stand and the V2500 Fan Hoist were designed to improve productivity and make the maintenance procedures and handling of these huge engines more manageable for the engineers on the shop floor.

The mechanical engineers at Motovated know what it's like to work on the shop floor and will use their wealth of experience to design a jig to meet your needs. Don't hesitate to contact us to discuss your specific requirements.


Safe Air, P3 stand

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