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Lifting Equipment for CEC
  • Do you need custom lifting equipment?
  • Are the 'off the shelf' items not going to work?
  • Are your current lifts risky?  What if someone gets hurt?
  • Do you need it designed quickly and cost effectively?

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Services Offered by Motovated

  • Overhead Handling Equipment Design 
  • Spreader Bars Design
  • Material Handling Equipment Design
  • Stress and Deflection Analysis 
  • Fatigue Analysis
  • Spreader Beam Design
  • Lug Weld Analysis
  • Jib Crane Design
  • Lifting Equipment Certification
  • Hoist Design
  • Below the Hook Lifting Device Design

We are experts at designing for AS1418 Crane Code, AS4991 Lifting Devices, AS3990 Structural Steel Fabrication and many other applicable standards!

Why get custom lifting equipment designed?

So why it is important to consider a design process with health and safety in mind?

  • Good design reduces the risk of work-related injuries.
  • It reduces damage to property and environment and the related costs.
  • Safe design increases the health, well-being and productivity of workers.
  • Eliminating hazards at the design stage is cheaper than managing risk later in the life cycle!

Sometimes we use two cranes and strops etc. to get a one-off lift done.  But what if we're doing that lift again and again?  What if our setup ties up two cranes and several personnel?  Every lift then takes more time and costs more money than it needs to.  Then what if someone gets hurt?  Health and safety isn't just a buzz word.  These are our fellow workers, their safety is our responsibility.  Lost time accidents cost everyone.  If OSH or WorkSafe get involved the costs mount, and your operation might get shut down.

Out of 639 work-related fatalities from 2006 to 2011, one-third (188) of the fatalities was caused by unsafe design or design-related factors. And it is important to consider health and safety risk at the design stage to eliminate or minimize the risk of injury throughout the life cycle of the lifting equipment.  (Source:

Motovated engineers believe in ‘Health and Safety by Design’. Our engineers consider health, safety and your risk from the very start of the design process.  At Motovated we design our lifting equipment to provide an engineered level of protection to the end users.  No need to have a BMW where a VW will do!  And we believe in managing risks in the design stage of lifting equipment rather than addressing risk in a later stage.  Motovated's ‘Health and Safety by Design’ saves time, money and lives!

So please get us to help now...

About Motovated's Lifting Equipment Design Team

With over 40 years experience, Motovated's team of Mechanical Design Engineers are able to provide an expert design solution for all your lifting requirements.  Whether you require a custom designed and engineered lifting solution or you'd like us to do a stress, deflection analysis certification for your design, we are here to help.

Usually lifting equipment design is stress driven.  But often the design of lifting equipment is function or deflection driven.  Here at Motovated we know how to get the most out of your steel to ensure an efficient, cost effective design whilst adhering to the rules.  We have many years of experience with design and certification of custom lifting equipment.  These designs are purpose built for our clients and are easy to manufacture anywhere!  Our designs are simple, inexpensive to manufacture wherever you are in the world, safe and fit for purpose.

Lifting Equipment Case Study:

Steelbro Sidelifter Case Study:

Steelbro NZ Ltd produces innovative container handling equipment for the container transport industry. Their sidelifter trailers are recognised for their quality and innovation worldwide.
Steelbro approached Motovated Design & Analysis with the challenge to create a new sidelifter design that was:

  • Unique and would expand their catalogue by offering a ‘bridge-leg’ solution.
  • Lighter than previous designs.
  • Interchangeable with Steelbro’s current range of trailer bases.
  • Versatile enough to stabilise on various ground conditions and on a parallel trailer deck.
  • Designed to, and conforms with, international standards.

Clients we worked with:

Windflow Technology Limited

Steelbro Logo


“Rarely can anyone claim to have achieved with total satisfaction their initial expectations, particularly when the concept of their ambitions is innovative and unique; the team at Motovated fulfilled their commitment to NZE and more. We would have no hesitation in recommending Motovated to any party who need to turn a concept of engineering into reality.”

Richard A RileyGeneral Manager/ Director

About Motovated

Motovated Mission is to harness the synergy between design and analysis, and we do this with boundless enthusiasm! We provide clients with better products, quicker time to market and significantly reduced risk.

One of the key ways we help our clients to achieve this is to provide Seconded Engineers in-house where necessary, and help them off-load projects where possible.  Some of the advantages of off-loading are the elimination of distractions, and the ability to utilise firms focused on best practice implementation of specialist technologies.

Motovated provides Mechanical Engineering Services, specialising in Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) technologies, and has implemented best practice use of all of our technologies, included 3D (associative) CAD, MathCAD and Finite Element Analysis (FEA) solutions. Effective implementations of these tools require rigour and training to get the best results; and we add that value to our clients every day!