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Martin Jetpack Machine development by Motovated

P14 Jetpack courtesy of Martin Jetpack

  • Do you have a machine which needs design development?
  • Do you need a machine designed as a product?
  • Does it need to be developed quickly and cost effectively?
  • Will it need ongoing development over several iterations?
  • Will you help your clients maintain older versions?
  • Are you looking to update an existing machine?
  • Does is need to be verified and tested before production?
  • Will it require certification for medical or transport etc?

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Lifting Equipment for CEC by Motovated machine Design Services

Dynamic lifting beam courtesy of Chirstchurch Engine Centre

Machine Design Services
Do yo need a one-off machine designed?

vestner lift design by Motovated machine Development team

Platform lifts & elevators courtesy of Vestner

Machine Development Services
Is your machine going to be developed as a product, something you will be making many of, and updating over time?

Production Machine Design & Development

Machine Design & Development is an art.  At Motovated we distinguish between One-Off Machines like custom lifting beams, which you'll probably only make one of, and Production Machine Design & Development.  A key difference is a Production Machine is one that you'll make many, possibly thousands, of.  And Machine Development implies that you'll want to develop these machines over time; making them better, cheaper and increasing your ROI for the whole Life Cycle of your Product.  If it's to be a very profitable machine, that might be a long time!

One of the biggest mistakes new machine developers make is not understanding the importance Revision ManagementPart Numbering and part or assembly Effectivities play in the long term success of their products.  At Motovated our Engineers are Jedi's in Production Machine Design & Development.  Not only do they know how to get your design to market faster and better, with technologies like Minimum Viable Products using Minimum Viable Simulations®, they also sit alongside you to ensure your designs are inexpensive to fabricate, easy for your clients to use, and continue to make money for your business for years and years.  Avoiding costly mistakes by implementing best practice management of your 3D CAD & CAE data is just one of the ways Motovated maximises your ROI.

Below are three different levels of Production Machine Design & Development that Motovated offers.  While both Volkswagens and Porsches are quality cars, they serve very different markets.  So the acceptable level of upfront and ongoing design and development are different.  At Motovated we believe there is no point engineering a Porche when a VW will do.  If you're only planning short production runs, and you can control the environment in which your machine is used, then only quick, cost-effective machine design & development is required.  If you're planning medium volume production runs, or safety is an issue, then more involved machine design & development is in order, and some analysis (verification) and testing (validation) may be required.  If you're planning on high volume production, or safety is paramount and certification to extensive standards is required, then in-depth machine design & development is required.  Please see below for some real life examples from satisfied client's of Motovated!

Examples of various Machine Development categories

Short Run, long term
Machine Development

KLIMA machine design by Motovated Design & Analysis

KLIMA G2 Cane Pruner

Small batch size but long term development

Medium Run and/or
Risk Minimised Development

Vestner lift design and development by Motovated Design & Analysis Ltd.

Vestner LR Series Mobility Lift

Medium batch size with risk minimisation

Large Run - Large Risk
Optimised and Certified Design

KiwiRail's P11 Passenger Carriage Bogie Designed and Analysed by Motovated Design & Analysis Ltd.

KiwiRail P11 TranzAlpine and Tranz Scenic Passenger Carriage Bogie

Kiwirail Logo High Res

Large batch size, significant risk minimisation and certification

Machine Design & Development Services Offered by Motovated

  • Client ROI & Needs Analysis
  • User Centric Research
  • Brainstorming and Concept Development
  • Concept Ideation for Market Validation
  • Initial Machine Design
  • Mechanical Analysis (validation)
  • Test Plan development and supervision
  • Design iteration and optimisation
  • Part and Assembly numbering systems
  • Revision and Effectivities Management
  • Production Drawing Development
  • Supplier selection and ongoing management


“KiwiRail chose Motovated to assist in the design of a new railway passenger bogie. They have shown without doubt that they were the right choice. They worked through many iterations, continually having to accommodate external and unexpected constraints and boundary conditions.

The company is NZ-owned, and it has a definite ethic to support local industry. Great value!”

Allan Cannell, Project Manager, KiwiRail Mechanical Design Group

Kiwirail Logo High Res

About Motovated Machine Development Team

Our mechanical design engineers are handpicked for many specialist skillsets. Some of them are similar to other machine design engineering consultancies, like great 3D CAD skills. We expand this even further however. Our engineering design consultants can help streamline your CAD design processes. Most of our mechanical design engineers trained to be multi-CAD literate, we differentiate the CAD competence of our staff. So, while many machine design services are good at SolidWorks, Solid Edge or Inventor, most Motovated Design and Project Engineers can drive all three. Your machine design can occur in whichever CAD system you chose. We even have skillsets in Rhino, CATIA, Creo (ProE) and NX (Unigraphics)!

These amazing machine design engineers are supported by our Better by Analysis® methodologies. Better by Analysis® leverages off of Pareto Principle. Pareto Principle tells us that for 20% of our efforts provide 80% of the value. We know this ourselves, as the last 10% of the job often seems to take 90% of the time! But Analysis to Machine Design is like Pareto Principle on Steroids. For 10% of the cost and effort our Founder Greg Morehouse provided for Hercules Aerospace or Boeing, we provide our clients with 90% of the value. When it comes to machine design that pays amazing dividends. So if you bring it all together Motovated puts the best machine design engineer, on your software, designing your machine as efficiently as possible, and ensure that validation of our design occurs as the design develops. At Motovated, we truly do “Engineer Your Vision”!

About Motovated

Motovated Mission is to harness the synergy between design and analysis, and we do this with boundless enthusiasm! We provide clients with better products, quicker time to market and significantly reduced risk.

One of the key ways we help our clients to achieve this is to provide Seconded Engineers in-house where necessary, and help them off-load projects where possible.  Some of the advantages of off-loading are the elimination of distractions, and the ability to utilise firms focused on best practice implementation of specialist technologies.

Motovated provides Mechanical Engineering Services, specialising in Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) technologies, and has implemented best practice use of all of our technologies, included 3D (associative) CAD, MathCAD and Finite Element Analysis (FEA) solutions. Effective implementations of these tools require rigour and training to get the best results; and we add that value to our clients every day!