Join Motovated at SouthMACH 2019 at stands 110 & 145!

New Zealand's premier industry trade show is around the corner and we are excited as you are!  SouthMACH is the ideal place to conduct business,  expand your knowledge and grow your connections.  Be a manufacture, engineer or an innovator,  SouthMACH is where you can experience the best in NZ manufacturing tech,  all under one roof right here in Christchurch. 

This year Motovated has more to offer for our visitor's.  At stand 110,  we will be part of the "Entrepreneur's Development Hub" along with Brush Technology,  Ara Institute of Canterbury,  The Ministry of Awesome and the fabriko to help young budding Kiwi entrepreneur's to create a unique environment for creativity and information sharing,  building new knowledge,  creating alignment and developing comprehensive solutions for getting to market.  

Also we will be at “Product Development Centre"- stand 145.  We will be partnering with Brush technology to help you with all your product development needs!  Our “Product Development Centre” is a one-stop shop for all of your electrical and mechanical engineering design needs.

So what will you learn from us at SouthMACH?

  • How can I determine if my product idea has legs? Can it make        money?
  • How do I make sure it’s something people will pay for it?
  • How can I optimise the design to best meet our client’s needs?
  • How do I get engineering or manufacturing support?
  • How can I upskill my engineering staff?
  • What is the pathway for staff from the factory floor to the                  engineering design office?
  • What CAD and short courses are available?
  • How do I develop a product which continues to make money for      years to come? 
    • How do I obtain Intellectual Protection (IP)?
    • What are some common paths to market?  
    • Are there shared workspaces where I can collaborate with others on this journey?
    • What are all of the stages of this journey?
    • How do I estimate the time and money which may be required for each of the stages?
    • Who can help me with each of the stages?
    • Should I fund it, get crowd funding, government subsidies or use angel investors?
    •  Is this a journey I want to go on?!

    Motovated helps to foster the growth of Canterbury's future manufacturing technology businesses and connecting them with networks they need for commercial success.  So mark your dates! Come and see us on 22nd and 23rd May at Horncastle Arena, Christchurch View map,   at stands 110 and 145- view floor plan.

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