Motovated Christmas Party 2018

Motovated’s team came together at Leon's to crack a few cold ones, soak up some sun and remember the year with a glorious BBQ.  With Motovated’s partners under the same roof there were more than a few good stories. Children had their fun as well, jumping around a Bouncy Castle and painting each other faces.  We had a special guest in the form of a supremely well-mannered, highly intelligent pet - Josh’s Labrador Tank - who is an expert at playing catch!

Over a charcoal grill Josh and Leon cooked some chicken nibbles, pork belly burnt ends, beef ribs and Irish pork sausages. Along with Carlos's "Jamón serrano" all the way from Spain. We singed off the BBQ dinner with an awesome flambe bananas. To say that we were satisfied after the meal would be an understatement.

The highlight of the day however was Leon's homemade rockets. By only using a used gas canister, a pipe fitting and a secret concoction of sugar and potassium nitrate, we saw the rocket launched hundreds of meters into the air! If you thought the kids were astonished, you should have seen the faces of the dumbstruck adults.

Team Motovated got to share the spirit of Christmas together as a family.  Isn't that what Christmas is about?  Merry Christmas to all!