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Motovated KLIMA CANE PRUNER Case Study 


Motovated Design & Analysis has worked with Honeypot Holdings over the past 3 years to develop their KLIMA Cane Pruner machine. They approached Motovated with a fully working prototype machine, and initially required 3D drawings for their patent application. Motovated also reviewed the machine design and put forward some weight reduction ideas for the prototype.

The first prototype was designed for mounting on a tractor/loader. The cutter heads clamp onto the wires and mulch off the vines as the loader drives down the rows. Compared to the previously labour-intensive process of manually stripping off the old vines, this machine was saving up to $1 per plant on plant maintenance.


When larger numbers of the pruners were required for the NZ & Australian market, Motovated helped KLIMA with pricing and manufacturing with a full set of working drawings and profile DXF’s. The CAD models and drawings were created from    converting 2D drawings into 3D models, and reverse engineering the prototype    machine.

Another market need was identified for a Harvester mounted pruner, which utilized the equipment all year round for both harvesting the grapes and pruning the vines. Another prototype was developed and testing, which Motovated also documented with manufacturing drawings. This also included 6 different mounting configurations to suit 6 different harvester models.  Other services provided throughout the         development process were:

  • Application for TechNZ funding for product development.
  • Operation Manuals, Parts Manuals & Field Service Manuals.
  • Hydraulic and Electrics Schematics, Hydraulic Cylinder and Hose Kit drawings.
  • Management of CAD data, drawings and change requests.
  • Managing pricing and quotations, and communication with hydraulics and electrics suppliers and fabricators.


The development of the Tractor and Harvester mounted pruners has subsequently led to an IP licensing agreement with German manufacturer ERO Weinbau, opening up opportunities for international distribution. Honeypot Holdings is now working on a Generation II design.





Figure 1: Tractor Mounted KLIMA Cane Pruner, Dual Head

Figure 2: KLIMA Cane Pruner Manuals & Drawings

Figure 3: Harvester Mounted KLIMA Cane Pruner

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