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Motovated Newsletter February 2017

Message from Greg...

Wow has it been an exciting month!  We’ve had record enquiries, from all over NZ but even Aussie and the US seem to be heating up.  We’re glad to be working again with some of our US clients, great to be bringing some cash into the economy again!  And we’ve grown significantly in support, I’m really happy to introduce Craig Haywood our new Business Development Director this month, he’s been a great addition to the team, he epitomises the values here at Motovated so we’re enjoying having him to represent us.  I’ll be introducing more of our extended team in later newsletters.  We’ve got the usual fun stuff in this newsletter and we’ve got some more guest lectures up for you to enjoy.  I really encourage you watching one or two of these, as their my favourite opportunity to highlight come engineering fundamentals while exposing what’s really important to us here at Motovated.  A great client recently pointed out I’m a bit of a pedagogue, which I took as a blokey insult, but is actually quite an accurate description, “The pedagogue's job is usually distinguished from a teacher's by primarily focusing on teaching life-preparing knowledge such as social skills and cultural norms. There is also a very big focus on care and well-being. Many pedagogical institutions also practice social inclusion. The pedagogue's work also consists of supporting their mental and social development.”  Who would have known?!  Enjoy!

Regards,Greg Morehouse

Greg Morehouse

General Manager

+64 3 982 5283

The Genesis of Kiwi Ingenuity


Some of you, if not all, might be familiar with the Kiwi terminology of 'Number 8 Wire'. A design methodology responsible for many innovative New Zealand creations and world leading technologies. The question is, does a historic mindset leave kiwis behind the curve in this day and age?

Meet Craig Haywood

Craig Haywood

Craig has recently joined Motovated as our Business Development Director. His focus will primarily be on the Canterbury region looking after our core clients. Coupled with a strong engineering background and knowledge gained from many years as managing director of a successful Architectural and Engineering consultancy, Craig also delivers the skills of an experienced trade based business manager. With a passion for innovation and advancements in technology, Craig aspires to add value by identifying areas where clients’ true needs are both matched and delivered upon.

In contrast to being an imaginative visionary, Craig also has an interest in vintage machinery and was brought-up on the Kiwi ‘No. 8 Wire’ way of tinkering - to improvise and adapt, to solve problems. In addition, Craig also follows a keen interest in modern, innovative and energy efficient construction methods.

Craig is Southern bred and is married with two teenage children.

Canterbury University Guest Lectures

Follow the link below to some interesting snippets from another Guest Lecture Greg provided at Canterbury University late last year. The course was Computational Mechanics course (ENME302) and the students got to hear some more about boundary conditions and singularities in FEA (Structural Simulation), how to be a better engineer and a better person. We’ll keep adding video snippets to the web page over the next week or so. Feel free to look back at some of the previous guest lectures as well, as we’re slowly adding video snippets from them as we’ve had the time. Enjoy!

SouthMACH 2017

SouthMACH is only three months away. This is the South Island’s premier technology trade show celebrating the heartland of NZ Manufacturing. Held at Horncastle Arena in Christchurch from the 24th - 25th May.

Come and see us at Stand #110. Our team will be there to answer your questions and showcase a few of our client's projects that we have worked on recently. We might also bring along the Martin Jetpack! Keep an eye on the Seminar Schedule for an informative FEA presentation with Greg Morehouse.

CLICK below to Learn more and remember to register.

Remember Fluid Dynamics?

To go into the draw to win a $50 Kathmandu Gift Voucher, see if you can tell us the answer to the below...Without using Google!

If we know the volumetric flow rates of the water going into the two branches, then what would be the velocity of the water coming out?

January Competition Winner

Congratulations to Paul Dryden from B & D Doors in Christchurch. Your Kathmandu Voucher is on its way to you.

Here is the solution to January's BrainTeaser.

Dave makes three piles of three balls. He weighs two piles against each other. He knows if they are equal the heavier tungsten is in the other pile, but if one is more than the other... well, either way, Dave is quickly down to three!

He now repeats the process, weighing two against each other. If they are equal, he knows the un-weighed ball bearing is tungsten, but if not, the heavier is obviously that troublesome bearing.

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