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Leon Daly and Greg Morehouse of Motovated will be presenting our collaborative developments of the ETCO2 Generator and the KiwiRail P11 Bogie at MaD2018MaD stands for “Manufacturing and Design”, a community of New Zealand researchers in manufacturing and design working in close collaboration with industry. This cross-disciplinary researcher network is focused on the future of New Zealand’s manufacturing economy.

Greg will be presenting “A Collaborative Approach to the Development of an ETCO2 Signal Generator for the Hartwell Simulator Immersive Clinical Trainer” on May the 21st at 2:45 pm.

Leon will be presenting “Better by Analysis; Modernising Simulation Approaches” on May 21st at 3pm.  Motovated has a passion for innovative design.  Bringing our engineering rigour alongside our expert partners skillsets really makes for some impressive engineering!  In the case of the KiwiRail P11 Bogies, they have done more than a million kilometres already, and are still going strong, highlighting our analysis methods really work.

If you’d like to see other cool developments that are being presented click here.

MaD’s MISSION is to develop expertise and capability in translational research, to grow New Zealand’s high-tech manufacturing economy.  MaD’s VISION is for New Zealand to be recognised as a leading, technology empowered economy driven by innovative, high-value, niche manufacturing and design.  Mad2018 specifically is focussed on a collaborative future for NZ manufacturing and design.