Wow, things are getting busy around here! One of the cool things that Motovated has always done is help creative inventors get to market, and Chris’s Shed Stories below is the start of a series on the many weird and wonderful creations he gets to see while interacting with clients and prospects.

You’ll also find a link to some FEA training for IPENZ I’ll be providing for structural engineers next month, as well as a cool talk Daniel Paris will be providing during Tech Week on how you can apply Lean and Learn First processes to your Product Development systems!

I’ve been amazingly busy mentoring for clients this month. Mentoring is my favorite task in this business, so to get to do it for other businesses really floats my boat. If your team needs a bit of input from the outside, consider implementing our ongoing mentoring system for your engineers. We train them up in the best ways to virtually verify your designs, then we have a small ongoing budget to answer their inevitable questions, without the need to bother you or your CFO. Brilliant for all involved!

Finally, Chris is away on a big UK holiday for 5 weeks or so. Don’t worry, we aren’t going to drop off the face of the earth, please keep an eye on our social media for all our upcoming events. We are going to restructure our newsletters more organically around our and his availability and the amazing engineering that we’re doing. So you may not see a newsletter exactly next month, but we enjoy doing them too much to put the next one off for too long!




Greg Morehouse
General Manager


Shed Stories: The Blackbird


Our very first article in our new Shed Stories series is here! This month Chris explores a handbuilt car that took 3000hrs to make. With an 1100cc engine from a motorbike and fastidious attention to detail, the MLC Blackbird is a unique masterpiece.

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IPENZ (Simulation) FEA Training

Greg Morehouse will be presenting this intensive one day course; CAD Embedded Structural Analysis. Building structures and large mechanical equipment are often modelled in 3D CAD software. Mechanical CAD software like SolidWorks, Inventor and Solid Edge offer amazing frame design environments which allow frames to be developed and analysed very quickly. These analyses can be simple linear static analyses or complex time or frequency domain dynamic analyses for earthquakes etc. Perfect to give a Structural Engineer the competitive advantage when trying to analyse buildings or mechanical structures!

Where and when?

  1. Christchurch – Thursday 18th May
  2. Auckland – Thursday 8th June

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The best of YouTube


If you haven’t heard of Colin Furze, you must be living under a rock, or maybe you just don’t spend enough time on YouTube!

From humble beginnings as a plumber to a following of almost 5 million, Colin takes an, “outside the box” approach to engineering. His latest project is a bumper car, for BBC’s Top Gear. Driver: The Stig. Put aside 4 minutes and enjoy the ride.


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Techweek is committed to encouraging global thought leadership from the edge of the world and growing NZ into a global technology and innovation hub.

Motovated’s Product Development Manager, Daniel Paris will be presenting on the key learnings of Lean Product and Process Development approaches of large companies, and by way of extension, how these might effectively be applied to small companies. Held at Canterbury Employer Chamber of Commerce on Tuesday 9th May between 3 – 5 pm.

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SouthMACH 2017

Want to learn design secrets to massively reduce the chance of your products cracking in service?

Leon Daly will be presenting on this topic at 12:15 pm, Thursday 25th of May at SouthMACH – put it in your calendar now.

Come and see us at Stand #110. Our team will be there to answer your questions and showcase a few of our client’s projects that we have worked on recently.

CLICK below and register for free with our special promo code: MOTOGUEST


March BrainTeaser

Congratulations to David Weston from Airwork(NZ) Ltd in Auckland. Your Voucher is on its way.

The answer to March’s brain teaser was fairly simple. Surprisingly a lot of people actually got it wrong! If you marked the gears with the direction of motion the Box…opens 🙂