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Message from Greg

Wow, it’s been a busy month! I hope you all had a nice break and don’t mind getting back into it.

Some highlights from below include an article on Jhan Vernon, a Motovated Engineer that’s going to ride the equivalent of Mt. Everest in a day – Please support his Everest Challenge below! And we had a very smart young man join us for his Professional Engineering Work Experience this summer, see our thanks to Leo Wright below. Also KiwiRail’s Motovated Engineered P11 Bogies have done 15 million kilometres and counting, with no cracks! See more below.

Finally some of you may know of the Maker Movement and FAB LABs etc. But many of you may not know of what’s available right here in Christchurch. Our engineers use the facilities at FAB LAB CHCH regularly, and I had a great chat with Carl Pavletich about what drives him and Fabriko to make a space like this available for us all to benefit from.

And thanks for keeping up with our social media. We’ve been delivering a lot of value add to our industry, and we’re trying to let you know what’s up!

Greg Morehouse


#Motovated Blog

Himalayan Summit Challenge With Jhan

As if it’s not silly enough to try to climb the equivalent of Mount Everest in a month, Jhan Vernon, one of Motovated’s engineers, has decided to try to do it in a day!

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KiwiRail AK Carriages with P11 Bogies
Kiwirail AK Carriages with P11 Bogies – Courtesy of Barnacle Design


Congratulations KiwiRail – 15 million bogie kilometres and counting with no cracks – another Motovated Engineered product!

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Leo Wright at Motovated



Thanks and farewell to our summer R&D student Leo Wright!

Motovated has joined with Callaghan Innovation to provide some real-life experience to University students. Leo Wright.

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#Case StudyKLIMA machine design by Motovated Design & Analysis

KLIMA Cane Pruner – Gen II Case Study

Motovated has worked with George Manufacturing for more than 11 years to develop many variations of their KLIMA Cane Pruner.

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#Stress Buster

One day, Einstein, Newton, and Pascal meet up and decide to play a game of hide and seek. Einstein volunteered to go first. As he counted, Pascal ran away scrambling to find a great hiding place. Giddily, he squeezed into a crawl space sure that he would win this time as this was his best hiding spot to date and Newton surely wouldn’t find an equal. Newton on the other hand, stood right in front of Einstein, pulled out a piece of chalk and drew a box on the ground of roughly 1×1 meters. Once this was completed, he sat down neatly inside the box and waited for Einstein to finish counting. When Einstein opened his eyes, he of course saw Newton and with a bit of disappointment said “I found you Newton, you lose”… but Newton replied, “On the contrary, you are looking at one Newton over a square meter… Pascal loses!”


#Tales from the Shed


Carl in FAB LAB CHCH Office

Need a 3D Printer or some Laser Cutting to finish a project?Get FAB LAB CHCH, Fabriko or a MakerCrate to help!

Carl Pavletich runs the local FAB LAB CHCH. Motovated engineers work with him often, and I had the opportunity to…

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