G’day from the Far North! Many of you know I grew up in Alaska and I try to get back each year to reconnect with friends, family and this amazing great land. This year’s been a greater drama than most. I won’t go into the biggest stories, suffice to say the little ones included having my US Passport and cell phone stolen in the Detroit Airport Security (TSA), then rebuilding my phone only to have it fall in our lake in front of our rustic Alaskan cabin. Two days of deep diving at noon into the dark depths finally located the Samsung Galaxy S7. I only mention the model because it was under 20 feet of water for at least 18 hours. A day in a bag of rice and a recharge and it’s back to some semblance of health. I must say I’m impressed with its water resistance!

On more important matters Leon, Craig, Bevan and Chris have been enabling the rest of the team to create some amazing engineering in the office. Again, we have to thank our fantastic clients and industry partners.

We have some exciting developments in the pipeline, so stay tuned.




Greg Morehouse
General Manager

The real cost of patents


Josh Malone quit his corporate job in 2006 to take his shot at the American (Inventor’s) Dream. Eight years later, savings depleted and orthodontics and college unfunded, he took one last swing before trudging back to the corporate world. And hit the home-run with Bunch O Balloons. His solution to the 63 year old problem of filling and tying water balloons instantly became the number one selling spring/summer toy. Behind all the success however is an intense patent war.

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Martin JetPack – Test Flight


We work on some of the most interesting projects in
New Zealand – including jet-packs! Four of our engineers have been working full time on this project undertaking both advanced design and analysis.

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The art of distraction

Are manufacturers pulling off the ultimate magic trick? Or trying to compensate for poor design with band-aids? Chris has a rant about poor design and highlights some simple remedies.

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SouthMACH 2017 Recap

It was our biggest show to date and a great success. The volume of visitors and overall interest was phenomenal. We even rostered on additional staff to cover the volume of enquiry! Not possible, however, without the event organisers support in allowing us to display an overflowing stand of really cool, interesting and innovative engineering.

And with full respect and appreciation to our world-class client’s ongoing patronage. A big shout-out to them all with a special thank-you to Peter Caughey, Nigel George from Klima, Karl from Mini-Lifts, the team at Martin Aircraft Company, Phil Kennedy from SprintCNC and also to Berwyn Hoyt and the team at Brush Technology – Thanks, guys!


Meet the New Guy



Stewart MacDonald joined Motovated this year with a wealth of experience in design and product development experience. He has designed products and equipment for numerous companies with particular focus on the food industry. Stewart is well versed in designing to meet stringent hygiene standards. His practical knowledge, project management experience and skill in Inventor CAD Software is a fantastic addition to our team. CLICK below to find out more about him.

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The two stress states shown here have the same numbers, but one element is twice as likely to yield as the other! With this neat trick, Leon shows how you can easily calculate Von Mises stress in your head.

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Empowering Kiwi students for enterprise



Holdsafe is a 2017 YES (Young Enterprise Scheme) Business. This is a business created and run by a small team of very enthusiastic High School students.

We’re proud to be helping these young innovators with some free design and analysis consulting on their excellent HOLDSAFE Bottle Boost product. Please CLICK below to check out their website and consider purchasing one of their units for your workshop.


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Help us, help you

We have the worlds smallest quad-copter/mini-drone to give away! Buzz around the heads of your colleagues and cause pandemonium in the office.

To enter the draw, simply tell us about some companies who you think might benefit from Motovated’s services.

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Free 1 Hr Product Development Consultation

Do you have a product or project you’re just not getting traction on?

Drop our product development manager, Daniel Paris a line for a no-obligation discussion and get your project cranking.


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