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march 2017

Message from Greg...

Hi again, welcome to autumn down under!

We’ve got the usual assemblage of cool engineering and brain teasers, but as mentioned last month I’d really like to introduce some of the new members of the Team.

Please meet Daniel Paris below; he is ex Tait and F&P, and will be helping our electronic manufacturers with some cunning and robust mechanical engineering, including some amazing analysis verification and test validation services.

And we’re helping IPENZ with some more simulation (FEA) training this year, check out the info below for the CAD Embedded Structural Analysis training near you!

We have lots going on so we’ll try to keep you up with some of it. Please join us again next month!

Regards,Greg Morehouse

Greg Morehouse

General Manager

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Manufacturing: Analog to Digital

analog to digital

After a recent mountain bike crash, Chris loses a bit of his memory. This, in turn, leads to a great opportunity to express some thoughts about some of the manufacturing flaws that currently exist in NZ, and the need to invest time and money to future proof your business.

Meet Daniel Paris


We are very excited to introduce Daniel as our Product Development Manager. His main focus will be helping our electronic manufacturers with their mechanical engineering; including design, analysis and testing.

Returning to Canterbury after an 11-year absence, Daniel has just finished 5 1/2 years with Fisher & Paykel Appliances in Product Development having held Lead Engineer roles in airflow, electrical harnessing, filtration, and washer suspension.

Prior to that, he worked nearly 5 years at CUBIC Defense Ltd. as a Senior Mechanical Designer in electronics packaging where his main focus was on usability, ruggedness, sealing (IP68) and EMI shielding - all in as small and lightweight a package as possible.

He initially left Canterbury after 6 1/2 years at Tait Electronics after working through his Engineering degree at Canterbury University. His initial focus was in thermal management of the mobile radio platform under development. Solid simulation work backed with experimental results gave an optimised platform that is still in service as the primary mobile platform, and due to the great groundwork, remains to this day very difficult to reduce further cost out of. Further work at Tait's included test engineering, product development and enhancements of the hand portable radio platform.

In his spare time, Daniel enjoys spending quality time with the family and road cycling, especially up humongous hills. Give us a call today and chat with Daniel about cycling and your product development

IPENZ (Simulation) FEA Training


This year we are back with more training for IPENZ. Greg Morehouse will be presenting an intensive one day course; CAD Embedded Structural Analysis.

Building structures and large mechanical equipment are often modelled in 3D CAD software. Mechanical CAD software like SolidWorks, Inventor and Solid Edge offer amazing frame design environments which allow frames to be developed and analysed very quickly.

These analyses can be simple linear static analyses or complex time or frequency domain dynamic analyses for earthquakes etc.

Perfect to give a Structural Engineer the competitive advantage when trying to analyse buildings or mechanical structures!

The course will be in Christchurch on Thursday 18th May and in Auckland on Thursday 8th June. Please CLICK below to learn more about the course and register.

UC Guest Lectures

Here are some more snippets from the guest lectures Greg did at Canterbury University.

In this video, Greg highlights that most of the mechanical CAD packages offer a free version of their inbuilt Simulation (FE Analysis) software. They are still quite valuable, and used with care and cunning can actually solve some complex analysis problems, free of charge.

Have a look around the video page to see more from the lectures.


SouthMACH 2017


SouthMACH is only three months away. This is the South Island’s premier technology trade show celebrating the heartland of NZ Manufacturing. Held at Horncastle Arena in Christchurch from the 24th - 25th May.

Come and see us at Stand #110. Our team will be there to answer your questions and showcase a few of our client's projects that we have worked on recently. We might also bring along the Martin Jetpack! Keep an eye on the Seminar Schedule for an informative FEA presentation with Greg Morehouse.

CLICK below to Learn more and remember to register.

February's Brain Teaser

motovated kathmandu

Congratulations to Mark Sawyer from AIM Altitude in Christchurch. Your Voucher is on its way.

If you didn't get the answer to February's brainteaser right, here is the solution.

Volumetric Flow Rate Going In = Volumetric Flow Rate Going Out

VGoing In = VGoing Out

VGoing In = [(v) x (πd2/4)]Going Out

(VGoing In) / (πd2/4) = vGoing Out

vGoing Out = (5000 in3/sec + 2000 in3/sec) / ((π) x (6 in)2/4) = 247.6 in/sec

So the water would come shooting out of the pipe at a speed of 247.6 inches per second, which is 22.6km/h. That’s pretty fast!

Test your brain power


Nice and simple this month. To go into the draw to win a $50 Kathmandu Gift Voucher, tell us if the box above opens, or closes.

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