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Wow, it’s been an amazing start to the year. I’m calling it 20greateen! We’ve had a record start to the year, great indications the economy is finally coming to us.

That’s provided for some amazing new hires, please meet Carlos Alonso and Jhan Vernon below! And we’re going to an Aussie Rail Conference, CORE 2018.

As mentioned in our last newsletter, we’ve had a number new arrivals to Motovated families. First Sara and Cam were joined by a beautiful young lad, Jordan. Then Josh and Deborah welcomed Barnabus to their fold, and now Bevan and Elirke have been blessed with a wonderful young man as well, Ryan. Congratulations all! Once again it’s great to have these additions to Team Motovated.

Finally and as always, we would like to say thank you to the amazing clients we get to help here at Motovated. Without them we wouldn’t get the joy of “Engineering their Vision”. So follow the links below to check out some of the great engineering we’re up to!


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Click on the image above to find out about the new members of Team Motovated We enjoyed a very hot day surfing last week in Sumner welcoming our new members…

Are you flat out firefighting? Staff on leave? Projects still not done? A year late? More?
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Need Additional Resource?

Axiomatic Design – a Product Design Variation Reduction Technique!



Carlos is a talented your Product Designer we’ve just hired. He and Daniel are quite keen to expand our use of Robust Design processes. One of the techniques used in Design Variation Reduction is Axiomatic Design. Follow the link below to know a bit more!



Graeme Harris Ara Lecture

Motorsport Engineering Guest Lecture – Greg provides another!


Our founder, Greg Morehouse, has been contributing to the University of Canterbury and Ara (ex CPIT) with guest lectures for decades. One of the coolest course he’s seen however is the one Graeme Harris of Ara has developed as a block course for Motorsport. It contributes to MG7028 Engineering Systems Analysis, a final year Degree paper at Ara. Click on the image of Graeme to go the the video where he describes the course. Greg discussed our design of several engines, as well as our design of trailers and DesignLine buses. The importance of correct steering linkage design to minimise bump steer was highlighted as an example.

Brain Teaser – Show us your sketch!

Canterbury Start-Up Expo


Can you design a 4 Bar Linkage to dump the trashas shown?

Please send us your sketch showing the linkage and pins position. The first in correct answer (or at least the one that matches our answer…) will be forever immortalised in our next newsletter. See if you can beat your friends!


Aussie Rail Conference – CORE 2018

Motovated's 2018 Calendar
Many of you may know Motovated’s been involved in rolling stock (rail asset) design and analysis for almost a decade now. We’ve really enjoyed bringing some of the innovative techniques we’ve developed that define our “Motovated Way” to an old school industry. Rail is really evolving however, and we’re keen to stay at the forefront. Greg and Craig will be attending this Australian Rail Conference at the end of April to make sure we’re still ahead of the game!


Thanks very much to you all for your continued support. We really appreciate it!


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