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Message from Greg

Hi, it’s been an exciting start to the year! Below we have got a couple of new case studies for you to enjoy, Antarctic NZ asked us to develop a portable shelter on skis and Klima and Vestner have new great stories to tell as well.

I’m presenting “Better by Analysis®” and Daniel Paris is presenting “Delivering Product Benefits through Continuous Validation” at SouthMACH 2019.

And this year we’ve asked Brush Technology, Ara Institute, the Ministry of Awesome and Fabriko to join us on our stand. We’ll be talking all about path to market at the Entrepreneur’s Development Hub, stand 110. Also, on the “Product Development Centre” at stand 145, we will be partnering with Brush technology to help you with all your product development needs!

Leon Daly has decided to take the plunge down south so Stuart Jackson has taken over admirably as Motovated’s new GM. Finally we’re celebrating 20 Years of Motovated, with more to come. Please enjoy the read below!

Greg Morehouse


#Motovated Blog

20 years Motovated

20 years of Motovated – Woo Hoo! Motovated 3.0 is well and kicking…

Many of you know my back story, that my wife had always said I was a tough employee, always thinking engineering could be done better. When we had the opportunity to adopt a wonderful wee lad, my boss wouldn’t give me the time off, so we chose to put our pay check where my mouth was!

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A changing of the guard… Leon’s moving on and Stuart is stepping up!

Many of you may have heard Leon Daly is moving on from his GM role after 11.5 amazing years at Motovated

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#Case Study

Antarctica NZ Traverse Living Module Case Study


Antarctica New Zealand (AntNZ), in conjunction with The Composite Group, engaged Motovated to develop a living module for Antarctica

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#Motovated at SouthMach 2019

This year Motovated has more to offer for our visitor’s. At stand 110, we will be part of the “Entrepreneur’s Development Hub” along with Brush Technology, Ara Institute of Canterbury, The Ministry of Awesome and the fabriko to help young budding Kiwi entrepreneur’s.

Also we will be at “Product Development Centre”- stand 145. We will be partnering with Brush technology to help you with all your product development needs!

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#Stress Buster

Daniela, a Grade 8 student from California wrote this wonderful poem on her dream to be an engineer. Let’s give some appreciation for this future engineer!


“I wanna be an engineer so flippin’ bad”

I’d learn all the math I’d never had

I wanna be on the cover of Science magazine

Standing next to Einstein, that’s my dream

And every time I close my eyes, they’re handing me the Nobel Prize

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#Time for a brain teaser?

Have you enjoyed some challenging interviews, where your engineering nous was tested on the spot? Click on the link below to see more…

Question 1: There are 2 balls a few inches apart on a flat table. Give 3 methods for getting ball #1 to touch ball #2 without touching any of the balls.

Question 2: You live in a world where everyone weighs at most 100 pounds. You are an engineer at a simple chair manufacturing company. The chairs are simply designed – 4 legs and a seat. Nothing fancy. You want to design the most cost efficient chair. What weight do you design each of the four legs of the chair to support?

Question 3: Name 3 reasons why a man hole cover is round?

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#Ask us anything

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