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It’s been a busy month! Leon presented on “How to reduce failures by a factor of 10” at NZMEC and I presented “Lessons learned from 30 years in Aerospace Engineering” at Aerospace meetup #3, please see the intros and links below.

Carlos created a detailed blog on why and how of User Centered Design, a key factor in not being one of the 9 in 10 start-up failures! This is a must read from a very interesting young man with a passion for surfing, snowboarding and product development. Some of my favourite things!

We’ve also got a student doing some research for us over summer, and Josh has created a Motovated System around our Christmas Do. Seems like there is a need for safety glasses due to some rocket launching? Sounds fun!

Remembering my early days in aerospace has gotten me attached to Dilbert again, so we’ve got a good joke and a nice easy brain teaser for you this time around.

Also it’s getting to be that time again, all of our clients are getting busy. Let us know if you need some help progressing an idea before or over Christmas. Don’t miss deadlines or market opportunities just because you and your staff are away on holiday. Let us work while you play!



Greg Morehouse


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Does my product have legs- validate your product idea


Does my product have legs?Learn How to Validate your Product Idea- Part 1

Nine out of ten start-ups fail. And if your start-up is a seed or crowd-funded company in the consumer hardware space, the failure rate is a staggering 97%!

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How to reduce the risk of your part cracking by a factor of 10 – “A Better by Analysis™” Approach”

Our GM Leon Daly’s presented at NMCE 2018. He talked about how NZ companies can effectively implement an effective analysis approach to minimizes the failure.

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Additional Engineering Resource


The Christmas holidays are on their way! Is the run-up going to get busy?  Could you use some amazing engineering resource now?


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Greg at Aerospace Meetup

Lessons learned from 30 years in Aerospace Engineering

It’s hard to believe I’ve been working in Aerospace Engineering for 30 years! But I have, and Motovated is based on many of the learnings from so many years in a very advanced industry.

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#What’s Happening in New Zealand


Christchurch father and son developing 3D scanner that could save millions.

The MARS spectral x-ray scanner is the brainchild of Prof Phil Butler, a physicist working at the University of Canterbury, and his son Anthony, a radiologist and Professor at both the Universities of Otago and Canterbury.


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#Time for a brain teaser?

Screwing with my brain!

‘Two identical bolts are placed together so that their helical grooves inter-mesh as shown in the illustration. If you move the bolts around each other as you would twiddle your thumbs, holding each bolt firmly by the head – so that it does not rotate – and twiddling them in the direction shown, what will happen to the heads?’

Will the heads (a) move inward, (b) move outward, or (c) remain the same distance from each other

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