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Hi again. We’ve changed the newsletter up a bit and so are keen to get your input on how you like it. As usual we’ve got an interesting article, a fun brain teaser and some news. This month we’ve added a tip on hiring engineers to go with our usual joke. Please let us know what you liked, didn’t like and would like to see instead!


Greg Morehouse


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Hiring Engineers – It’s an art, Engineered to a science!

Motovated consistently hires amazing engineers. It’s taken us years, but we’ve developed a unique process which allows us to triage, shortlist, phone interview, interview and then select only the best candidates.

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Canterbury TechSummit 2018- It’s a wrap!

Like last year we teamed up with Brush Technology again for the Canterbury TechSummit. Teaming up with Brush is fantastic, our teams work hand in hand to deliver their best. The team here at Motovated want to extend our thanks to the team at Brush for allowing us to join us at the summit.

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Christchurch’s Aerospace Meetup #2 was exceptional.

I had no idea New Zealand was so ideally suited to Aerospace development. Our geography, government transparency, technical ecosystem and proven capabilities all lend themselves to space development on a shoe string.

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University of Canterbury Guest Lectures on “Real World Boundary Conditions” and “Singularities”

Canterbury University is really changing things up! Greg really enjoyed visiting the engineering campus again. Amazing changes, the earthquakes were good for something finally, 8 years on.

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#What’s Happening in New Zealand


Christchurch father and son developing 3D scanner that could save millions.

The MARS spectral x-ray scanner is the brainchild of Prof Phil Butler, a physicist working at the University of Canterbury, and his son Anthony, a radiologist and Professor at both the Universities of Otago and Canterbury.


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#Time for a brain teaser?

Greg recently saw an interesting article on tethered space elevators, see:

60,000 miles up: Space elevator could be built by 2035

With a couple of simple assumptions and single back of the envelope calculation, Greg calculated about what the stress in carbon nanotubes would experience. Can you?

Note his answer is about 500 times what high tensile steels can endure. Since we’re rigorous engineers, we’ll calculate it accurately sometime before the next newsletter. But can get closer to the accurate answer than Greg did using three constants and one simple equation? Read More



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