Message from Greg

It’s been a busy couple of months, I hope you all have been keeping up!

Leon, Daniel and I attended MaD2018, that was pretty amazing. Leon and I presented, I was impressed by his Better by Analysis presentation. If you’re interested in how to achieve significant validation of your designs as you develop them, for a lot less than you’d expect, see more about his presentation below!

Also our new Product Development Engineer, Carlos, has provided an insight into how to classify the additive manufacturing technologies. Daniel’s provides insights into building resilient products resiliently, and another new engineer, Jhan, shares his review of what the first six months in an Engineering Consultancy like Motovated is like. What he’s learned and how that compares to what he had expected!

I’m away on my yearly sojourn home to Alaska next week, returning through Lake Powell in August. Leon’s been Acting GM in the past, but we’ve decided to make the transition permanent this year. I’m very proud to have Leon managing the Tactical helm for Motovated. I’ll still be driving the strategy as CEO, as well as acting Marketing and HR managers for a bit longer yet. Who knows what next year will bring?

And Motovated has had lot of fun over the last quarter as usual, last Friday was our Winter Solstice Spit Roast. We wish you could all have been there to join us!


Greg Morehouse
Managing Director


Better by Analysis™ with Leon Daly

Motovated's Leon Daly


As Motovated’s Analysis Manager, Leon Daly has been living Motovated’s core message that analysis is to design like Pareto Principle on Steroids. We’ve always said that for 10% of the analysis we did for Boeing or Hercules Aerospace, Motovated can provide you with 90% of the value.

Leon’s also added concepts from Agile and Lean to develop our Better by Analysis™ methodology. One of the technologies we’ve developed over many years of focused practice is our Minimum Viable Simulation™…

Read about Better by Analysis™


Additive Manufacturing Process Selection


SAE International recently announced the release of its first suite of Aerospace Material Specifications (AMS) for additive manufacturing materials and process specifications. Aiming to support the certification of aircraft and spacecraft critical parts by providing a framework by guaranteeing the integrity of material property data for different additive manufacturing processes.

To celebrate this event, we would like to share a set of useful rules to help you decide the most suitable additive manufacturing process depending on your product requirements..

Read Carlos’s Blog here

Developing Resilient Products – Resiliently

Product Development Manager

Our Product Development Manager Daniel Paris has developed this blog as sustainability, design-thinking, and blockchain are all hot topics within the design and development community. But what do they mean to a manager in a large company struggling to get results from their development teams, or to a contract developer whose livelihoods depend upon their reputation and on-going quality of work? In a word, resilience. Products that demonstrate resilience both ‘withstand’ and ‘adapt’ to external physical, psychological, and social forces…

Read Dan’s Blog here


A new recruit’s first six months within Motovated


When I came to Motovated in February I really didn’t know what to expect. Fresh from my degree, I entered a consultancy office where it seemed like everyone was expected to be a master at everything. I was intimidated, and I felt as though I was bound to let my clients down. How can I consult anyone when I don’t have any experience, and I’m not an expert in my field? I guess like anyone in a new job in a new field, I felt like I was thrown into the deep end…


Click here to read more about Jhan’s first six months at Motovated!


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