Are you struggling with part design? Is it strong enough? How can I make it? Is it cost effective? Whatever the part, whatever the application, Motovated has the expertise and experience to engineer your solution!

G. Dubar, Gyro Enterprises Ltd

Motovated’s drawings of my GyroBoard have made working with all of our suppliers much easier. Working from sketches was difficult, and the end result was never quite what I had in mind. Now our moulders and pattern makers know immediately what we want, and I get what I was after. The patent attorneys were also very impressed, and said that Motovated’s drawings were the clearest drawings they’ve worked with.


The investment in using Motovated for our drawings has been a good one. Their value in time savings, rework avoidance, and recall insurance has exceeded our investment many times. I recommend their services highly!


Part Design

Some areas of design expertise Motovated can provide in part design are:

  • Function analysis - How can this part perform the tasks we require?
  • Cost effective design - What is the most efficient way to develop and then manufacture this part?
  • Design for manufacture - How can this product be simply manufactured?
  • Reliability analysis - How can we design this product to last for the desired lifetime?

Design Experience

Motovated has experience in the design of many different types of parts. Some examples of these are:

  • 3D Parts - Machined, cast, fabricated
  • 2D Parts - Profiled, machined, stamped
  • Sheet metal parts - Flattenable sheet metal parts and weldments
  • Plastic - Injection moulded, rotomoulded, cast

Case Studies

Skellerup Rotomould approached Motovated Design and Analysis Ltd to aid in the design of a multipurpose 3500-litre water/septic tank.

Cattle feed company 4 Seasons Molasses approached Skellerup Rotomould to develop and manufacture their concept for a new molasses lick. Molasses is used to supplement the diet of cattle to improve digestion and as an additional source of nutrients.

Seafury International Ltd produces a range of surface piercing drives and propellers for the marine industry, and have been involved in some extensive development of their drive units.

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