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Engineering Product Design | Motovated Design and Analysis

Are you having trouble getting your product to market?
Got a great idea but not sure where to go next?

We know it is hard to get an idea from the drawing board onto the shelf.

Motovated's expert engineers know what it takes to establish your position as a market leader.

Product Design

Some of the services the expert engineers at Motovated can provide to your product design include:

  • Concept Design - our team of engineers can help with brainstorming and come up with additional ideas for your product;
  • Patent Sketches - clearly presented sketches will help get your patent application in early;
  • 3D Design - photo-realistic visualisation of your concepts will get your marketing underway and help with focus groups, etc;
  • Analysis - stress analysis, function analysis, etc, will ensure your product is safe and reliable;
  • Design for Manufacture - improving your margins by reducing material costs and designing for easy manufacture;

Product Life Cycles

All products go through the product life cycle of Development, Introduction, Growth, Maturity and Decline. In today's competitive environment, getting to market as soon as possible and with the right product is essential to establish your position as market leader, thus increasing your sales and prolonging your product's life.


By getting Motovated involved during the maturity stage of your product's life cycle, we can help delay the decline. We can help you develop new features to enhance your product, improve your product based on customer feedback and apply the latest materials and manufacturing technology to reduce cost.


If you would like to take advantage of the benefits expert professional engineering consultants could bring to your project, call us now or request a call back from one of our friendly team using the form below.

Mark Harrington, General Manager, Nimrod Engineering Limited

I was very pleased with the work that Motovated carried out for us on our 6-8 Tonne Rotoloc tilting hitch. They listened to the brief, carefully addressing what the issues were for us, not just from an engineering point of view but also from the marketing and market perception point of view. The number of concepts that they came up with was great, allowing us to choose the one that best suited the brief.

They understood what the issues were for a small company like ourselves. I hope that we will be engaging them again in the future.

Mark HarringtonGeneral ManagerNimrod Engineering Limited

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