The adaptability of your product within a changing world is crucial. Make sure that your product withstand longevity and market trends

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Our Robust Design Methods can be implemented at any design stage to enhance the quality and performance of your product

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Increase product reliability during design by using advanced tools. Reduce the chance of failure before you manufacture it

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The way to Design for Six Sigma Certification

•Is quality the main focus on your product?

•Do you need a robust product?

•Do you want to reduce the risk around your product?

•Is failure of your product out of the question?

Motovated’s rigor during every stage of the design process will guarantee that the right design decisions are taken at the right moment to achieve a high quality product.

We design for Six Sigma, we use advanced analytical methods to predict the performance of your product accounting for real life variations before it gets manufactured.


•Reduce the risks around your products

•Avoid or postpone the decline phase of your Product's Life Cycle

•Quantify product quality against cost

•Reduce service / maintenance costs

•Minimise design time and costs through deliberated early decisions

•Cost effective and reliable tests and experiments


Design for Six sigma

• Statistical process control: We predict the unexpected performance of  your product associated with manufacturing variation. We assess results and redesign to achieve your desired goal.

Variation Reduction Strategies

• Axiomatic Design: We are focused on the Axiomatic Design Principles at every stage of the design process. This translates in highly predictable products.

• Variation Mode an Effects Analysis (VMEA): We can analyse the sensitivity of your product's KPIs to a number of noise factors.

• Tolerance Management: We design robust tolerance chains accounting for process capabilities to guarantee your product's functionality is not compromised.

Taguchi Quality Engineering

• Design of Experiments: When complex experiments are required we follow the Taguchi method for Design of Experiments to establish validity, reliability and replicabillity.

• Quality Loss Function: We can identify and show aspects of your product which can critically compromise its quality.

Failure Assessment

  • Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA): Focused on identifying risks and weak points of your design and mapping its effect, we optimise the design increase reliability.
  • Product Lifetime Calculations: We can help assessing when your product might break down. We use an extension of standarised calculations of product lifetime based on empirical models.

Product Testing

Once your physical product is built Motovated can plan and help carrying out different tests on your product. Tests can be carried out against specific standards or customised. Our product testing capabilities include but is not limited to: IP test, Impact Test (IK), Thermal Test, Fatigue test, Vibration test...

Product Life Cycle 

Getting Motovated involved at any stage of your product's life cycle, can help you delay your product's decline. With rigorous product assessment we can develop new features to enhance your product, improve itt based on customer feedback and apply the latest materials and manufacturing technology to reduce cost.

Want to know more about our Rigorous Design and Product Testing capabilities?