Motovated Case Studies

Forestry Equipment

SATCO is the brand name of forestry equipment produced by Forest Systems of Tokoroa. Owners Warwick and Rodney approached MD&A to suggest design changes intended to increase the reliability of the 528 tree Feller/Delimber. Field-testing had identified that changes were needed, but arbitrarily increasing marginal sections wasn't the answer. Motovated analysed the structure using the COSMOS Finite Element Analysis (FEA) software, and immediately highlighted areas that had proven to be overstressed. Together FS and MDA were quickly able to review several solutions, soon highlighting the most economical. That solution has now progressed to be a defining feature of a phenomenal machine. The 528 so undercuts it's nearest competitor in weight that it can be used on a smaller excavator, saving hundreds of thousands in up-front costs.

Solid Modelling is necessary prior to FEA, and being able to see, rotate and check inferences in their design struck a cord with Warwick and Rodney. The speed and accuracy of the Solid Edge solid modelling software seemed a perfect way to maintain a complicated set of working drawings, while implementing the constant improvement necessary to the 528 product line. Minutes after Warwick discusses design changes with Motovated in Christchurch, a fax comes through documenting desired changes. Within hours new flat patterns are emailed to the profiler's shop, bend details are faxed to the rolling shop and fabrication drawings have been faxed to the weld shop. What can take weeks or months for most firms is literally accomplished by Forest Systems in days, with a little help from Motovated Design and Analysis!

SATCO 630 - Feller / Buncher

The SATCO 630 is an excavator mounted felling grapple which was redesigned for use in shovel logging, with or without a heel. Motovated's redesign for manufacture also lead to the fabrication time being substantially reduced.The figure shown here illustrates Motovated's rendering capability for marketing brochures and pamphlets.

Satco 630
Satco Grapple

Motovated has redesigned the 852 and 864 grapples for SATCO. Once again time for manufacture was improved. Finite Element Analysis also help maintain the weight while improving the strength of the grapple.

Solid modelling leads to ease of drawing creation, with flat patterns, bend details, weldment and assembly drawings all linked to the model. The flat patterns can easily be created from sheet metal models, and sent directly to the profile cutter for manufacture.

Grapples grapple

 852 Grapple with rotator and heel

Grapple Cutaway

SATCO 528 - Feller/Delimber

The SATCO 528 is a high volume felling and delimbing head, that is attached to a excavator and used for harvesting trees from 5" to 28".  The  saw cuts the tree off at the base, and then the wheels drag it through the delimbing knives, all in approximately a minute.  This machine has been redesigned by Motovated to optimize the machines performance and weight.  There are over six hundred parts currently modelled for the working drawings.

528 Harvester Image 5-12-01, 4