Motovated Case Studies

Spinal Traction Unit Case Study

The challenge:

Spinal consultant Dr Raj Singhal envisioned a way to limit the devastating consequences of spinal injury. The device realigns a dislocated cervical spine, reducing the compression on the spinal cord and providing the best possible chance of recovery.

Significant engineering challenges had to be overcome to develop Dr Singhal idea into a ready-to-market product.

The Partners:

  • Dr Singhal, Spinal Consultant
  • Paul Morrison, Ossis Managing Director
  • Anthony Batley, Howard Wright
  • Sara Trow, Motovated Senior Project Engineer
  • Helen Lunt, Doctor at CDHB

The winning formula:

Multidisciplinary collaboration and rigorous engineering complying with ISO 13485.

  • Advanced risk assessment calculations using FEA
  • Produced patent drawings and operations manuals
  • Maintained the design history file

The outcome:

The result is the life changing device Dr Singhal envisioned.