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Martin Aircraft Company is a global leader enabling disruptive technology in a complex and highly regulated sector. We seek engineers who have an unique mix of creative mechanical design and engineering rigor knowledge. By utilising Motovated Design & Analysis engineers we are able to guarantee such a skill set.

Currently we have up to five Motovated engineers working on-site as part of our engineering team undertaking design, FEA and CFD work. They have quickly gained considerable product knowledge and taken responsibility for key systems in the new aircraft development program. Their can-do attitude is infectious and ability to deliver in a very complex design environment, impressive. Their ability to quickly integrate with our permanent team is a true testament to their professionalism.

Partnering with Motovated enables us to reduce risk, achieve deadlines and ensure our aircraft will be robust, optimised and meet stringent aerospace requirements.


Peter Coker, CEO of Martin Jetpack

Thanks very much for your help. I believe that the benefit of working with Motovated Design was that you had confidence working with a team that understood what you were wanting to achieve and was able to use their expertise using the Finite Element Analysis to prove that the design would work, thus taking out any errors on designs before commissioning any work. We believe that using FEA to prove the design shows that you have taken all due care with the design before you release a product to the market, and with this in mind I would have no hesitation in recommending the Motovated Design team.

I have seen solid modelling in action along with the cosmos package, and appreciate how much it can help take the guess work out of the final designs before getting the FEA done.

RXP Plastic

Peter Poulsen, R X Plastics

We had already asked another firm for validation of our concept, so by the time Motovated got involved we were already a bit behind. They jumped right in however and we had confirmation of our design within a couple of days. They really understood our needs and delivered in a timely manner. They provide a personalised service and are good value for money, we’d use them again!

Bevan Whiting, Pandect Mobility Solutions.

Motovated’s expertise meant that they were able to hit the ground running to quickly get our designs up to date, allowing us to meet our customers’ tight deadlines.


Ross Falconer, Engineering Manager, DesignLine Ashburton

Motovated’s drawings of my GyroBoard have made working with all of our suppliers much easier. Working from sketches was difficult, and the end result was never quite what I had in mind. Now our moulders and pattern makers know immediately what we want, and I get what I was after. The patent attorneys were also very impressed, and said that Motovated’s drawings were the clearest drawings they’ve worked with.


The investment in using Motovated for our drawings has been a good one. Their value in time savings, rework avoidance, and recall insurance has exceeded our investment many times. I recommend their services highly!


I was very pleased with the work that Motovated carried out for us on our 6-8 Tonne Rotoloc tilting hitch. They listened to the brief, carefully addressing what the issues were for us, not just from an engineering point of view but also from the marketing and market perception point of view. The number of concepts that they came up with was great, allowing us to choose the one that best suited the brief.

They understood what the issues were for a small company like ourselves. I hope that we will be engaging them again in the future.

Mark HarringtonGeneral ManagerNimrod Engineering Limited

Rarely can anyone claim to have achieved with total satisfaction their initial expectations, particularly when the concept of their ambitions is innovative and unique; the team at Motovated fulfilled their commitment to NZE and more. We would have no hesitation in recommending Motovated to any party who need to turn a concept of engineering into reality.

See NZ Express Testimonial for full testimonial.
NZ Express

Richard A Riley, General Manager/Director, NZ Express

In January 2014, Motovated Design & Analysis provided training at Fisher & Paykel Appliances to a small group of engineering leaders from the Product Development team. Greg Morehouse tailored a “Simulation Verification Training” session to meet their needs, and provided some excellent guidelines for the verification and validation of FEA work carried out by our engineers.

The team was very pleased with the course – it was particularly powerful to get advice on the real-world application of FEA as opposed to merely software training.


Richard Wong, CAE Steering Group, Fisher & Paykel Appliances Ltd

Motovated were a great team to work with and really delivered, I highly recommend them to anyone needing an analysis.


Tony Cardwell, Cardwell Racing Supplies