Thanks and farewell to our summer R&D student Leo Wright!

Motovated has joined with Callaghan Innovation to provide some real-life experience to University students. Leo Wright, a final year mechanical engineering student from the University of Canterbury joined our team as an R&D summer intern. Over the course of two months, Leo Wright impressed our team and executed some impressive work for Motovated.

Leo Wright at Motovated

We want to thank him for his tremendous efforts and bid Leo a fond farewell. Leo has done a great job and improved our capability in a number of areas. His research focus included:

1. Trade-offs of simplified vs advanced hyper-elastic FEA analysis of O-rings.
2. Further verification of our proprietary weld fatigue analysis techniques, which are orders of magnitude faster than standard methods.
3. Thermal heat transfer analyses – simplified methods vs full Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) analysis.