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Motovated Engine and Vehicle Design Engineering Guest Lecture

Greg was once again privileged to provided Graeme Harris’s MG7028 Engineering Systems Analysis students with a guest lecture in Vehicle Design.  This Ara course is a final year Degree Course which incorporated a block course on Motorsport Engineering, check out the block course description video here!

Greg discussed Motovated’s design of several engines as well as our design of trailers and DesignLine buses etc.  Several case studies were discussed, and the importance of correct steering linkage design to minimise bump steer was highlighted as an example.

Motovated Guest Lecture for Graeme Harris
Graeme Harris, Senior Mechanical Engineering
and Motorsport Lecturer for Ara

You’ve got to love an engineering course that focuses on motorsport, especially one with a reading list like this!

Recommended reading:

Four-stroke performance tuning

Race car vehicle dynamics: problems, answers, and experiments

Competition car aerodynamics: a practical handbook

High-performance handling for street or track

Chassis Engineering

Stock car racing chassis: performance handling basics

Motorcycle chassis design: the theory and practice.

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