Finite Element Analysis (FEA)

Finite Element Analysis (FEA) - With over 17 years experience as a leading design and analysis consultancy based in New Zealand, Motovated continues to set the standard forged from our Directors experience as an FE analyst working for Boeing and Hercules Aerospace in the 80’s. We taken that aerospace rigour and deep, first-principals knowledge to engineer thousands of success products over the decades.

Whether you want to get to market faster with less costly prototypes or just need some extra resource, we would welcome the opportunity to show how simulation can reduce your risk and improve your bottom line.

Finite Element Analysis (FEA)


  • Reduce risk

  • Develop deep product knowledge and quantify tradeoffs

  • Predict and correct long term problems like creep and cracking without the wait

  • Get to market faster with fewer prototype loop-backs

  • Optimise designs to reduce manufacturing and material costs

  • Prevent vibration issues like resonance


  • Optimisation – reducing material and manufacturing costs

  • Analysis of plastics including creep (long term deformation and stress)

  • Analysis of welded structures – both static and fatigue

  • Buckling and collapse analyses

  • Fatigue life evaluation to predict whether a part or structure will crack over time

  • Fitness for service – analysis of damaged components

  • Creep of plastics and metals (long term deformation)

  • Dynamics – rapidly and/or repeatedly applied loads. Transient, frequency domain, shock, resonance, Mil-Spec-810G tests and rigid body motion analysis

  • Heat transfer and thermodynamics (steady state and transient)

  • Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)

  • Non-linear analysis including post yield behavior and residual stress

  • Contact – interaction between parts such as meshing gears

  • Seismic analysis including against the International Building Code (IBC), NZS 1170.5 and NZS 4219

  • Aerospace analyses using NX NASTRAN

  • Training – we run FEA courses for the Institute of Professional Engineers (IPENZ), and dedicated courses for clients via NZ Trade and Enterprise (NZTE)

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