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Motovated "Engineers Our Client's Vision"

Expert Mechanical Engineering Consultants

Mechanical Engineering Consultants for your business!

Listed below are some of the Mechanical Engineering Consulting Services that we offer:

Client Testimonials

Peter Poulsen, R X Plastics
Thanks very much for your help. I believe that the benefit of working with Motovated Design was that you had confidence working with a team that understood what you were wanting to achieve and was able to use their expertise using the Finite Element Analysis to prove that the design would work, thus taking out any errors on designs before commissioning any work. We believe that using FEA to prove the design shows that you have taken all due care with the design before you release a product to the market, and with this in mind I would have no hesitation in recommending the Motovated Design team.I have seen solid modelling in action along with the cosmos package, and appreciate how much it can help take the guess work out of the final designs before getting the FEA done.RXP Plastic
Peter Poulsen, R X Plastics

Greg Morehouse, Managing Director

     Motovated Design & Analysis

Motovated’s Mission is to harness the synergy between design and analysis, and we do this with boundless enthusiasm! We provide clients with better products, quicker time to market and significantly reduced risk

One of the key ways we help our clients to achieve this is to provide Seconded Engineers in-house where necessary, and help them off-load projects where possible.  Some of the advantages of off-loading are the elimination of distractions, and the ability to utilise firms focused on best practice implementation of specialist technologies.

Motovated provides Mechanical Engineering Services, specialising in Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) technologies, and has implemented best practice use of all of our technologies, included 3D (associative) CAD, MathCAD and Finite Element Analysis (FEA) solutions. Effective implementations of these tools require rigour and training to get the best results; and we add that value to our clients every day!