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Mechanical Engineering Secondments

Mechanical Engineering Secondments – Looking for Contract Engineers or Mechanical Engineering Contractors? Need Contract Engineering Services, Engineering Support Services, Engineering Contractor Services, or Added Engineering Resources?

Budgeting for and finding good quality Engineers can be difficult, especially when your business or product development projects come in peaks and troughs. Motovated can take some of the stress out of your human resourcing by providing our Engineers exactly when you need them, possibly even working in-house alongside the rest of your engineering team.

By partnering with Motovated, you'll benefit from:

- Top-quality engineers - all with excellent theoretical and practical engineering backgrounds;
- Easy communication - engineers working in-house have the benefit of immediate access to your other staff, facilities and products;
- Total control - with immediate feedback on project progress, you have the ability to steer the project as you see fit;
- An expert support network - our engineers have the backup of an expert team from a wide variety of backgrounds;
- The best of both worlds - employ for the troughs yet have the additional capacity for the peaks.


At Motovated we have expertise (not just experience) in many engineering fields as well as all aspects of design and analysis. Even if you don't need to out-source your engineering, we are still available when you need us. Feel free to Call on us whenever you need:

- Ideas - if you're struggling to think outside the square, we can help you brainstorm!
- Advice - if you need a second opinion on any engineering matter, or someone to verify a calculation or analysis;
- Mentoring - if you have young Engineers with no one to turn to when they're stuck, we can guide them.

Even if your needs are constant and long-term, partnering with Motovated lets you concentrate on your core business while you leave the engineering design and analysis to the experts.

The success of many engineering outcomes comes down to crisp execution and attention to detail – Robust Engineering! These responsibilities typically start with your engineers. It’s here, in the design trenches, where mistakes that impact business are born or avoided.

Having the right seconded engineers to help your staff can help dictate success or failure. Do the contractors you’ve engaged care? Are they committed? Do they have the know-how? Do they mitigate risk? Are they consistent in their work? If they are engineering contractors from Motovated, the answer is “yes”!

Motovated’s in-house engineers have the uncanny ability to dig in, work hard, cover off the details and work proficiently. Our skillset in not just CAD, but CAE (Computer Aided Engineering) ensures Robust Engineering, our specialty. Most importantly, they get the job done with precision and enthusiasm.

Motovated is focused on providing our partner clients with exceptional on-demand, seconded engineering support. Motovated’s seconded engineers are committed to their craft and dedicated to “Engineering Your Vision” – not as an option, but as the way we do business at Motovated. For Motovated Employees, “Engineering Your Vision” isn’t something that fills voids between jobs. It is their job and their passion.

Whatever your mechanical design and engineering needs, whatever you need contract mechanical design engineers, contract analysis engineers, contract project engineers, or contract structural engineers, Motovated provides mechanical engineering secondments, contract engineering services, engineering support services, engineering contractor services, and additional engineering resources. Let Motovated’s seconded engineers help you avoid mistakes, hit deadlines and deliver on your engineering vision.

CALL US NOW to discuss how Motovated can take the stress out of your resourcing needs.

Case Studies

Skellerup Rotomould approached Motovated Design and Analysis Ltd to aid in the design of a multipurpose 3500-litre water/septic tank.

Cattle feed company 4 Seasons Molasses approached Skellerup Rotomould to develop and manufacture their concept for a new molasses lick. Molasses is used to supplement the diet of cattle to improve digestion and as an additional source of nutrients.

Seafury International Ltd produces a range of surface piercing drives and propellers for the marine industry, and have been involved in some extensive development of their drive units.

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